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Interview with Children’s Author Sherrill S. Cannon

Sherrill S. Cannon is a former teacher and a grandmother of ten, who is also an Award-Winning Best-Selling Author! Her previous books My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, Manner-Man, Gimme-Jimmy, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, and Santa’s Birthday Gift have received twenty-nine 2011-14 National and International awards. Most of her books try to teach something, like good manners and consideration for others.

All of her books are now part of two fundraisers, one for the anti-bullying campaign at at and another to help find a cure for Juvenile Myositis, an incurable children's disease at -- 50% of the cost of her books on these sites will go directly to each organization!

This is an adorable story about a child's misunderstandings about the computer. It's totally done in rhyme and I loved it. My kids and grandchildren have always loved stories in rhyme. Thanks for another fun children's book.” –Review by Author Linda Weaver Clarke

It’s always a pleasure to have you on my blog, Sherrill. Please tell us about your new Children’s Book, Mice & Spiders & Webs… Oh My!

Mice; Spiders; Webs…Oh My! illustrates the importance of being a good listener.  It also is a cute introduction to basic computer terms. Rosemary is worried about returning to school, after her teacher has warned the class that they would soon have some mice, spiders and webs in the classroom.  Could Rosemary have misunderstood something?   
I read this book to my granddaughter and she laughed. Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

I thought it would be fun to combine the need for good listening skills with some “Computer Speak”.  It also tries to show the importance of both parents and teachers being supportive when children misunderstand.  (It’s also quite enjoyable when one sees the look on a child’s face when that “now I get it” expression happens!!!)

Is it easy or difficult to create rhyme for each of your books?

I have always loved to write poetry, and I strive to have children hear the “music of the words”.  My friends sometimes accuse me of thinking in rhyme!  The problem with many rhyming books is that there is often little or no meter.  It is not enough if there are two lines that have a word that rhymes at the end of the line – because the cadence of the words is equally important! The sound of the words also matters in word choices, so that words such as said, replied, and responded are all interchangeable – but not in poetry! I could go on and on, but if anyone would like to learn more, please send me a message.

Wow! So that is why some poetry flows easily and others don’t. Now I understand. You love to write children’s books. Where do you find all your ideas for your stories?

Having been a teacher, as well as mother and grandmother, there is always a constant source of material if one listens to children!  All of my books try to teach something to do with consideration for others, disguised as fun stories.  I don’t care for the “anything for a laugh” approach that some children’s authors take.  Children learn from what they read, and it is important that they read books with positive attitudes and values.

That is so true. Where can my readers find you online?

All my books are available on and

Thanks for this awesome interview, Sherrill. I hope my readers will check out your children’s books.


  1. fun interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. I think if I read this to my niece, she'd scream, not cry. :) Mice, spiders and webs? Icky! :)

  3. It's about computer terms such as the mouse and the Internet (web). Not scary!!!

  4. Nice interview! Im sure my baby cousin would love this book.

  5. My grandson would think this was really a cool book and of course, I would review it, first, haha!
    sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

  6. Congrats on all of the awards. I liked what you said about words not just rhyming, but matching the cadence too. It made a lot of sense.

  7. oh, this sounds like an awesome children's book I'd love to win thanks for the chance.

  8. This looks like a cute kids story! I know sometimes it's difficult for little ones to understand when a word had multiple meanings. Or right now my oldest is having a hard time with Brand names that aren't spelled right!


  9. I do love a good rhyming book for kids. It's much more fun to read, too.

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  10. Congratulations, Apple Blossom! You are the winner of this awesome children's book. I know you'll enjoy it.


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