Monday, November 20, 2017

Interview with Humorous Romance Author Brooke Williams

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Brooke Williams is a former radio announcer and TV traffic reporter turned freelance writer/author/stay at home mom. When she’s not caring for her girls, she’s writing blogs and web content for clients. And when she runs out of work, she makes up stories about fictional characters that bother her until she writes about them. Brooke has been married to her husband, Sean, for 15 years and they have two dauthers, KAelyn and Sadie.

Welcome to my blog, Brooke. Please tell us about your Christmas story: Another Backwards Christmas.

Another Backwards Christmas takes place in the fictional town of South Pole, Alaska. This town does everything backwards around the holidays. It’s their claim to fame and how they get tourists through. Before they created the holiday celebrations, the town was dying out. Now, they hang trees from ceilings, paint mistletoes on the sidewalks, and drink hot chocolate from marshmallow mugs.

This sounds like a fun story to read. Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

I visited Alaska when I was in college and have always been fascinated with the area. I wrote “Backwards Christmas” a few years ago and couldn’t leave the town or the people behind, so I’m going back for a second pass at the area and its quirky celebrations with another story, “Another Backwards Christmas.”

You write humorous stories. Do you ever have a tough time coming up with a bit of humor for your books or does it just come naturally?

Not very often! I’ve found that a lot of funny things have happened to me or people I know. They may not seem funny at the time, but later, they certainly do. I often use my dad and things that happen to him for inspiration. For example, in Backwards Christmas, a man glues his mouth shut with super glue. That ALMOST happened to my dad. And in Another Backwards Christmas, there’s an incident with a fish that DID happen to my sister. There are plenty of funny things out there. You just have to morph them into the story!

Haha. I understand. I’ve put a few funny experiences into my stories from things that happened to my husband or daughters. Just because it was so funny! Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Rob Joleigh is the main male character in this story. He’s like a  young scrooge. He’s had a lot happen to him revolving around Christmas and he’s just so over the holiday. He looks at everything with scrutiny because of his past. But you can see his heart melt and he’s really a good guy in his depth. It’s fun to watch that come out.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you for this interview, Brooke. It’s always a delight to have you visit my blog. I hope my readers will check out your books.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Interview with Inspirational Mystery Romance Author Mary Ball

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Mary Ball enjoys creating small towns and friendly, but flawed characters. She has one wonderful daughter who has given her two handsome grandsons. She also has a daughter in heaven. That experience gives her the courage to tackle death in her novels.
Recently, she shared a story where God touched her life, in Life-changing Miracles, by Bethany House publishers. 

Small town romance, suspense and mystery, surrounded by His grace. Mary Ball's writing will make you smile, fill your heart with joy and give new meaning to Christmas, love and answered prayers. 
Welcome to my blog, Mary. Where did you get your inspiration for Thanksgiving Secret?

Each year in November, I do a book signing at an annual Christian Church bazaar. Last year, I took my ten-year-old grandson with me to spend the day. On the way home he says, “Nana, I want you to write a book that has Thanksgiving in it so that next year we’ll have one at the craft show.” I just shook my head, smiled and glanced at him in the back seat. The next day he reminded me about the book. So I thought, “why not.” As I’m contemplating ideas, Matthew Blake’s secret started begging to be written. I dedicated this book to Blake, my grandson, for pushing me to do a Thanksgiving novella.   
What is Thanksgiving Secret about?

A secret has a life of its own.

Matthew Blake left home in search of fame. Years later, writer’s block threatens his career. He returns to his roots hoping to rejuvenate his creative juices and meets Lucinda Wise. Unknown to Matt, he’s involved in a mystery, that is soon to be unearthed.

Lucinda rents her tiny house to Matt. Despite his self-centered ways, she finds herself enjoying his company and sharing her faith with him, but timing is everything. She’s dedicated her life to her five-year-old daughter and will do anything to keep her safe.
As Thanksgiving approaches, Matt discovers that Lucinda is the partaker of a secret that will change his life forever. Can he accept that God’s plan for his future is the right one?

You also have a Christmas story. Please tell us about A Love Valley Christmas.

Step off the pavement, onto a dirt road and join our fictional characters celebrating Christmas in Love Valley, North Carolina, a real western community.

When Susie Aleman isn’t running Spurs, a mercantile in Love Valley, she’s raising her sixteen year old son, Zam. She’s content with life, and relies on no one but God. Then Ty Porter moves to Love Valley and stampedes into her heart.

Ty Porter has given up on women. All he wants is a fresh start, and a new pair of cowboy boots. That is, until he meets Susie. As Christmas Eve rolls around, can he convince Susie that love after thirty-five is worth the risk? Will Susie lead Ty to see that the Lord can be trusted?

What was the inspiration behind this book?

A Love Valley Christmas is the first book I’ve written about a cowboy. My publisher sent a call-out for Christmas novellas. She specified it could be contemporary or western, with a cowboy, ages from twenty-five to forty. I was immediately drawn, because I’d always wanted to write about a modern day cowboy, and characters that were older than thirty.    

Oh yes. I understand completely. There aren’t many romantic stories with couples between ages 30 – 40. What is your favorite thing to do at Christmas time?

Get together with the family, and go sightseeing for Christmas decorations and lights.      

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Linda, thanks for asking.

My website is I have my blog page connected to my website for convenience:

Thank you so much for this interview, Mary. I hope my readers will check out your books.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Interview with Christian Author Deborah Malone

Deborah Malone’s first novel Death in Dahlonega, finaled in the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Category Five writing contest! Deborah was nominated for 2012 and 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Novel category. She is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association, Advanced Writers and Speaker’s Association, and the American Christian Fiction Writers.

Welcome to my blog, Debbie. You usually write cozy mysteries, but this one is completely different from those. Please tell us about this book, Blooming in Broken Places.

Thank you for having me again, Linda. I enjoy being a guest on your blog. I have six Cozy Christian Fiction books published, but Blooming in Broken Places is my first non-fiction book. This is the story of my life woven through women in the Bible that God used even during the darkest times of their lives. There are 12 chapters and 12 women.

I love reading about strong women from days gone by. This book sounds intriguing. Will you please tell us about one of the women from the Bible that impressed you?

I think my favorite is the Samaritan woman at the well. She came to the well at the hottest time of the day to avoid other women and the gossip she would have to endure. She never expected to meet Jesus. They talked and Jesus taught her about his grace. She said she knew the Messiah was coming and then he told her, “I Am the Messiah.” She was so excited she dropped her water jug and ran to town and told the people about Jesus. Now this was a woman that avoided being around people. Her confidence and self-esteem just jumped 100%. Because of this woman and her belief in Jesus many people were saved the next several days. God didn’t wait to use her until she was perfect – he used her right where she was in her walk. He can use us, too, right where we are!

I love that story, too. I recently watched a short video (5 minutes long) about her experience with Jesus. It is very touching. For those interested, click here. Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

Linda, over the years people had asked me to write my story. At that time, I didn’t have any desire to write it – I didn’t want to be negative and I didn’t want to bring up all the feelings I’d hidden in the recesses of my mind.

In the past couple of years, I’ve given a few talks on this subject and once again I was encouraged to write my story, to encourage other women. Early in the year I was working on the third book in my second cozy mystery series when I was led to write “Blooming in Broken Places.” I was at a point in my life I felt I was ready. I came up with the idea of adding the women from the bible to show how God used broken women all the time for his glory. How encouraging is that?

I love the idea of using Bible stories to help you through the struggles in your own life. What kind of research did you do?

This is an interesting question, Linda. I had heard the story of some of these women, but others I hadn’t. The most surprising thing is that we aren’t always told the whole story. To discover that these women were so much like we are today was amazing. For instance, we talk a lot about Ruth, but seem to forget how strong Naomi was. She left to return to her hometown and told her two daughters-in-law to return to their families. She was willing to travel alone if it meant they could remain in their homelands. She was so downtrodden and discouraged that she asked her people to change her name and call her Mara. But – that isn’t the end of the story. I’m not going to tell you, because I want you to read the book and find out how she goes from broken to blooming.

Oh, back to the research. I used the New Living Translation of the Bible. There are two books I used most for my research, they are: “All the Women of the Bible,” by Edith Dean and “Women of the Bible for Dummies.” Either of these books would be great for anyone interested in learning more about the women of the Bible and how they lived a life filled with challenges, just like we do today.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you, Deborah. I have learned a lot from you in this interview. I hope my readers will check out your book.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Interview with Inspirational Romance Author Regina Andrews

Gina had a golden, happy childhood where she felt loved and cherished every day. She grew up feeling like she could do anything. Even when she began writing early on, her parents would eagerly listen to her stories around the kitchen table. She can't imagine a better start and is so thankful for the blessing of the love her family showered on her. 

The Perfect Proposal is a sweet romance and I totally enjoyed it. The conversations between a wealthy man, who owns a corporation, and his very attractive secretary help to make this story come alive. I believe the conversation between these two main characters helps us to understand who they are. Lindsey is a devout Christian and Dean is beginning to realize why she is the person she is. I loved this sweet story.” --Review by Linda Weaver Clarke

Welcome to my blog, Regina. This is one book that I'm grateful I read. It was so fun. Where did you get your inspiration for The Perfect Proposal?

This book is loosely based on my personal experience. I was taking care of my mother after my father passed unexpectedly, and then I met someone...

Wow! I didn’t know that about this story when I read it. How romantic! Please give us a description of your book.

Never in her wildest dreams did Lindsay Richardson imagine that her life would shift from that of a quiet elementary school teacher to being the assistant to Dean Singleton Copley, one of the nation's most dynamic business leaders in the high-powered corporate world.

Although Lindsay desperately needs this new job, she is mourning the loss of her father and facing the unexpected twists her life has taken. Her struggles extend to not knowing what God expects from her regarding Dean Singleton Copley, the dashing bachelor, a man so different from her on the surface...yet, also, scarred from events in his past.

Finding out what life has in store for her is a great challenge. Is Dean Singleton Copley destined to become more than an employer to her?

Tell us about your second novel: Glory of the Heart.

Perrin Marlowe, a war hero, has based his life on the ideals of his father and pursued a livelihood in the realm of stonework and masonry. Returning to Sterling Lakes, he finds the truth about his past in the attic of CC Cogshell's house--and for CC, who has started a new life in this rural New England town, this seminal move in her life as she leaves a terrible relationship may lead her to places she never dreamed of going. It is through the past that they will both be able to move into their futures...will it be a future they can share together?

You love to write Inspirational Romance. What intrigues you most about this genre?

What a great, question, Linda. Thank you for asking.

To me, as a writer, and as a woman who adores God, I would say this: Inspirational Romance, at least the ones I write, are different from traditional romances because of a few things, First, my inspirational romances have 3 main characters.

Traditional romances have 2 - hero and heroine.

My books have 3 main characters - hero, heroine and God.

Another thing is that God's presence is often subtle in the book, and the hero and heroine might be having a shaky time with their faith. Or they might not have any faith. Or they might be mad at God and renounced their faith, or lost it for some other reason.

Yet, in the end, with all the obstacles overcome and (some) questions answered, the hero and heroine get through their personal faith crises and let the love of God into their hearts...yet, only through God's grace.

Each instance is different, showing us how much God loves us, cares for us and is there with us in the journey of life. And the journey of faith.

That was a beautiful and perfect description of your books. Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you for this wonderful interview, Regina. I hope my readers will check out your books.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Interview with Contemporary Romance Author Charissa Stastny

Charissa Stastny is an avid reader, happy writer, wasp-hater, iris-lover, and food connoisseur (she especially loves sushi and chocolate, but not together). She is happily married to her high school sweetheart and has four children that make her smile and laugh all the time. She called Idaho her home for ten years, but has recently moved to Utah, where she was thrilled to discover dozens of flavors of hot chocolate to keep her happy in the winter. The cherry one might be her favorite (this week). She is the author of five books and ‘imagine-eer’ of many more.

Welcome to my blog, Charissa. Please tell us about your novel, Game Changer.

This is the first in a stand-alone series called the Ruled Out Romances. Here’s the blurb:

Meridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. She’s comfortable being invisible. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works. Still, she’s smart enough to know he’d never notice a girl like her, and she’d never want him even if he did. Too much unwelcome attention.
Parker Harrington basks in the glory that’s been his since the game-changing passes he caught that pushed his team into the national spotlight. Sticky Fingers is his media moniker now, and the cheerleaders who used to ignore him when he sat the bench have become his most devoted fans. But when he accidentally crashes into a quiet coed and covers her in orange chicken, it throws off his offensive game.
As fate, ice cream, and orange chicken throw the opposites together, will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame, or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves?

Where did you get your inspiration for this story? 

I came up with a list of opposites (famous football player, shy introverted girl), and started wondering how they could come together. I had quite a lot of fun with this brainstorming stage. Some of the characters I came up with were pretty cheesy and I had to ditch them, but these two jumped out at me and worked their way into my heart.  

I like the idea of an introverted girl getting the attention of a famous guy. It sounds intriguing. What kind of research did you do?

I did lots of city research on the town of Pullman, Washington, as well as looked into the college there (WSU) and this little ice cream shop on campus called Ferdinand’s (that’s my dream shop).

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Meridee is a quiet, shy, introverted ice cream worker/college student who has been secretly crushing on the loud and charming football player for over a year whenever he visits the shop to get ice cream. I love the way she watches the world and how she has a dry, quirky sense of humor that few people ever see because she guards herself so well.

Where is your website, so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you, Charissa, for this fun interview. I hope my readers will check out your book. I really enjoy your reading style.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Interview with Historical Romance Author Ann Mock

Ann Mock lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with her husband, Dave. She and her husband have four children and five grandchildren.  She and her husband enjoy ballroom dancing and have gone dancing at least three times a week over the past twenty years. They also enjoy traveling, particularly cruising, where they get to dance. The river cruises in the United States are a particular favorite of theirs. 

“The Union of the North and the South was a delightful story full of secrets. When I thought I had discovered the first secret, then another secret came to light. This made the story fun for the reader. I enjoyed the love story and trying to figure out who the bad guy was in the story. I listened to this story as an audiobook and the narrator did a wonderful job with the voices. She even delighted me with a song toward the end of the book called: I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair.” –Review by Linda Weaver Clarke

Welcome to my blog, Ann. Please tell us about your novel, The Union of the North and the South.

The Union of the North and the South is a romance and suspense Christian novel set in the South in the 1870's. This is a story of Laura who overcomes personal tragedy, but is forced to hide a secret that, if revealed, will cause her great heartache.  She experiences a number of crises that challenge her faith and encourage her to make her former enemies become allies while she deals with her secret. Can she find the strength to forgive as well as love again?

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

Twenty years ago I visited a Southern mansion in Vicksburg, Mississippi, that had survived the War Between the States because it had been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers.  I was fascinated by a Union cannonball that had been fired by the Union navy during the siege of Vicksburg. The cannonball was still lodged in the door frame over a century later.  This inspired me to start my novel, The Union of the North and the South. 

What kind of research did you do?

A few years ago I traveled on a Mississippi steamboat which gave me fresh ideas that allowed me to finish a novel I had started over twenty years ago. I also visited a number of mansions that helped me in recreating the settings of some of the scenes in the novel.  My husband is also a history professor and helped me so much on the historical aspects of the book.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

My favorite character is Jenny.  She is a delightful child that is full of hope and happiness. 

You're right. I really liked Jenny, too. Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you so much for this interview, Ann. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I hope my readers will check it out.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Interview with Inspirational Author Sharon Srock

Author Sharon Srock went from science fiction to Christian fiction at slightly less than warp speed. Thirty years ago, she cut her writer's teeth on Star Trek fiction. Today, she writes inspirational stories that focus on ordinary women using their faith to accomplish extraordinary things. Sharon lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with her husband and three very large dogs. When she isn’t working or writing, she loves to read, cook, and travel.

Sharon Srock writes fiction for “Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Faith.” Welcome to my blog, Sharon. I really love this book cover. Please tell us about your novella, Hannah’s Angel.

Needed: One Christmas miracle
When Jillian Rishi shared the news of her pregnancy with her boyfriend, Wesley Price, he left the country. Unable to stay away from the woman he loves, he returned five months later to reclaim Jillian and their unborn daughter. Now they’re on the run, hiding from the dishonest lawyer who’s determined to take their baby. And hope is running out…

More than just a girl’s day out.
A leisurely day of Christmas shopping, that was the plan when Callie, Terri, Pam, and Karla went to the mall. They never expected to be embroiled in a mystery, never expected the mystery to turn into an FBI investigation, never expected to deliver a baby in the middle of nowhere in a Christmas Eve blizzard.

Just a simple paper angel.
Hannah’s angel is on a mission from God and paper or not, she refuses to be ignored until her charge gets the Christmas miracle she so desperately needs.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

Oh, I have a very strange imagination. I was shopping in the mall one Christmas and I noticed their Angel tree and thought…what if those were more than paper…? 

LOL…a story is born!

What kind of research did you do?

Honestly…most of my research is for any legal issues or illnesses that crop up in my story.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Callie Stillman.  She was my first main character (debut novel, CALLIE, (Women of Valley View, book one) Even though she is not a POV character in this story, she gets plenty of page time and it was fun to get back in her head for a few days.

I read Callie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Free novel for everyone: THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW: CALLIE

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Connect with her at,
-->Facebook, Goodreads-->Pinterest, and Sharon's  -->AMAZON page.

Thank you so much for this interview, Sharon. I hope my readers will check out your books. DON'T FORGET that Sharon is giving a free novel, Callie, to everyone who comments.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Interview with Cozy Mystery Writer, Author Russ Atkinson

Russell Atkinson was born and raised in California, where he obtained degrees in mathematics and law before joining the FBI. As an FBI agent he worked a wide variety of matters around the country including foreign counterintelligence, violent crime, fugitives, and, eventually, high-tech crime in Silicon Valley, where he lives today with his wife. After retiring from the FBI he worked in corporate security and then practiced law. Since fully retiring he has pursued his hobbies of ciphers, guitar, running, geocaching, and writing. He has a son and a daughter, both married, and is looking forward to the day he has grandchildren to spoil.

Welcome to my blog, Russ. I read your bio and you have lived a very interesting life. That alone would intrigue me to read your books. Please tell us about your novel, The Cryptic Crossword Caper.

The Cryptic Crossword Caper is a cozy mystery featuring Mags, a widow living in a small vacation town in the rugged coastal mountains near Big Sur, California, with her dog Raisin. She’s a crossword maven and fan of puzzles of all sorts; she just loves solving things. When a renowned puzzle-maker in town is murdered, the police chief asks for her help as a part-time typist, but her skill solving puzzles becomes more important. She casts an admiring eye at the chief, but he seems more interested in the glamorous FBI agent who blows into town investigating a jewel theft she thinks may be connected to the murder. Fortunately for Mags, her friends in her book club have her back as things get more complicated. A unique feature of this novel is that the puzzles in the book can be worked by the reader either in the book or online; there is a link in the Appendix to the crossword and a Sudoku that provide valuable clues, and a cryptogram is also revealed.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

My previous seven books, the Cliff Knowles Mysteries, are all police procedurals, inspired by real FBI cases and all but the first feature Cliff’s hobby of geocaching to varying degrees. Although relatively tame by murder mystery standards, they are a bit on the gritty side. I wanted to broaden my audience and write something of a kinder, gentler nature without the geocaching, so a cozy mystery seemed to fit the bill. My interest in ciphers and puzzles were a logical theme.

What kind of research did you do?

I didn’t research for the book per se. I’m the past president of the American Cryptogram Association and I provide the crosswords for The Grapevine, the magazine for retired FBI agents, so I had long experience with puzzle-making. My life story gave me the knowledge of police and FBI procedure as well as familiarity with the geography of the area.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Rather than focus on Mags, the main character, I’d rather tell you about Rick Moran, the police chief. He’s a small-town boy who became an FBI agent, then left early to return to his home town. He struggles with budget and the mostly boring work, but what he really cares about is keeping the citizens safe. Although I created some tension between Rick and the FBI, they’re able to work together to protect the public, because in the end, that’s what motivates them both. I wanted to show the reader the reality of law enforcement at both local and federal level, not the warring between them that characterizes so many novels and TV shows. Rick personifies real-life police work, the devotion to duty that I saw in my FBI career.

Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

All my books are listed at

Thank you so much for this interview, Russ. I hope my readers will check out your books.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Interview with Romance Author Christina Lorenzen

Christina started writing as a young teen, jotting stories in wire ring composition notebooks. Her first typewriter made it faster to get all those stories out of her head and down on paper. She is busy working on a modern take on her favorite fairy tale, Rapunzel for a summer release. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found walking her dog, talking to her herd of cats and spending time with her family.

Welcome to my blog, Christina. Please tell us about your novel, The Silvershell Beach Inn.

The Silvershell Beach Inn is a sweet romance that’s set in the small town of Marion, Massachusetts. My publisher had a call out for a collection of stories set in the state of Massachusetts. As a child and young teen, I spent several weeks every summer at my grandparents house in Marion. I decided to use the beach we spent every summer on but took a little fictional liberty and created the Silvershell Beach Inn. I also brought in some of my mother’s side of the family’s, culture. My mother’s parents are from Portugal so my characters are all Portuguese and my grandmother’s soup, Canja, plays a role in the story as well. As a bonus, I’ve included the recipe for readers at the back of the book.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

Because the publisher wanted stories set in Massachusetts, the inspiration came from my childhood and early teens. I have such sweet happy memories of summers in Marion. Writing the book was like taking a trip back in time to a simpler time. The inspiration for the characters mentioned came from a mix of people I knew in that town and my own family members.

What kind of research did you do?

Since I haven’t been back to Marion in quite some time, I did some basic research. I went online to the town’s website to look at pictures and get a few town facts. I’m also lucky enough to still have a cousin in the neighboring town who could get a few street names verified and share some summer time memories. She’s also the only one in the family that had a copy of my grandmother’s Canja soup.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

I love my characters. Jacinta, or Jacy as she’s called, is a creative so I do love that about her. But my hero, Zach Silva, is my ‘pet’ right now lol. He’s been groomed to be a businessman from the time he was a teenager. He’s torn between following his father, who wanted to forget the culture and Americanize the family, and his pride for his culture. He’s the one who decides to bring Jacy’s grandmother, Augusta Penna, on board to the inn, bringing the Portuguese to the very elegant, beach side resort that his family owns.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

I love for readers to visit my online home at They can also visit my blog, as I am in the process of updating it. Right now I do a Friday feature called The Reading Bag, but I will have other features as well, including my original Small Town Saturday posts.

Thanks for having me here, Linda! It’s always a pleasure to visit with you and your readers.

Thank you, Christina, for this wonderful interview. I appreciate it. I hope my followers will check out your novel.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Interview with Fantasy Romance Author Anna Del C Dye

Anna del C. has published twelve books to this date. Her Elf series has seven books, all stand alone. She also has a middle grade, electronic format book called Emerine's Nightmare. Her new A Royal Romance series is what she is working on right now. Book Three, A Golden Princess, was published Feb 2017. The Chancellor from Connier is a Medieval Romance and was published Jun 1, 2017. She has received many awards for the books and stories she has written.

"The Chancellor From Connier was an interesting book to read. The Chancellor From Connier kept my interested from start to end. I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy medieval romance books. I know my family will enjoy reading this book. I can't wait to read more stories from this author. Great book. Awesome story." -- The Unknown Crystals

Welcome to my blog. This is a Medieval Fantasy. Please tell us about your novel, The Chancellor from Connier.

The princess of Kaloma is distraught, if the chancellor doesn't return to Connier it will mean war, and that is a price she is unwilling to pay. Two weeks before Sestina planned to marry Ottin, he changed his mind. He begged her to wait for him, just a few years, until he could make a name for himself in the court of Connier. She sent him away and never looked back, becoming the lady in waiting to the princess of Kaloma. Then one day he reappears as the chancellor of Connier and promises to stay forever, even though she refuses him. Now war darkens the horizon of the two kingdoms.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

When I wrote A Golden Princess, Book Three, in A Royal Romance Series, I had Sestina become the princess' lady-in-waiting, but when I did a side story for her, it was to long for the book, so I opted to take it out. It wanted its own light, and now shines beautifully on its own.

Since this is fantasy, did you have to do any research?

Not really, since it was part of the other book the research was already done when I developed this story. I did have to coordinate time lines with the book A Golden Princess, so it keeps true to the story line in that book.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Ottin broke Sestina's heart long ago in exchange for a better future. Now, he has found her again and will stay, even if it means war between their kingdoms. Ottin is an awesome man and though he did hurt her, he never stops loving her. Sestina had hard times in her life, being born without a father and growing up in poverty. Still, she did her best and because of her efforts, she becomes the Princess of Kalama's lady-in-waiting. She has a heart of gold, though it is shattered. Both are so special and so different. I love them both.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Medieval Romances are so intriguing. Thank you for this interview, Anna. I hope my readers will check out your new book.