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Interview with Romance Author Michele Ashman Bell

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Michele Ashman Bell grew up in St. George, Utah. In fourth grade her
teacher wrote on her report card that she had a tendency to daydream
and would probably do well with creative writing. Her love for books
and learning about people and places has helped her make her teacher's
prediction come true. Michele is the author of many books and Christmas stories. She is married and is the mother of four children, and a grandma of four with one on the way. Aside from supporting her children and grandchildren in all of their many activities, she loves to travel, do research for her books and eat chocolate. Michele is a Zumba instructor and loves shopping for shoes and purses and going to amusement parks. She would live in Disneyland if she could.

From one “St. Georgean” to another, welcome to my blog, Michele. Please tell us about your novel: Wish Me Love.

Charlotte Wells does not date. After surviving a broken engagement, she’s taken a leave of absence from the social scene. So when her best friend and coworker, Jack, challenges her to get back in the game, she’s not so sure she’s ready to play. But ultimately, curiosity gets the best of her, and Charlotte accepts the daunting challenge: she will attempt to have fifty first dates in her effort to find “the one.” Unfortunately, she quickly realizes that the dating pool mostly holds clown fish as she goes on one lousy outing after another. Without a good man in sight as summer ends, Charlotte cuts her losses and sets her sights on a fun-filled trip to her cousin’s destination, a wedding in Brazil.

Brazil is a land of beautiful sights and delicious offerings—including Max, the charming brother of her cousin’s new husband. Max has all the makings of a Prince Charming in soccer cleats, and Charlotte’s happily ever after seems to be within reach. But love is a funny thing, and soon Charlotte finds herself wondering: could it be that her true love has been right in front of her all along?

This sounds like a fun story, Michele. Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

There were three main sources of inspiration for this book:
1) Having three daughters I have heard my share of dating horror stories. I’ve always wanted to write a book about dating so I could use some of their stories. Once I decided to write this book I thought it would be fun to invite readers to send me their stories. I used some of them in the book. Truth be told, some of things people have experienced are worse than anything I could make up!

2) As a Zumba instructor I attended a workshop where we learned how to Samba, which is a dance style from Brazil. The instructor of the class is from Brazil and she brought “wish bracelets” for each of the class members. The bracelets are thin fabric ribbons that come from Salvador, Bahia, in Northeast Brazil. What happens with a wish bracelet is that you have someone tie the bracelet on your wrist with three knots. You make a wish with each knot and when the bracelet falls off your wishes come true. I did this and two of my wishes came true within a year and the third one has also come true. It took four years for the bracelet to fall off! I loved weaving these bracelets into the story.

3) I love Brazil! My son served an LDS mission to Southern Brazil and my husband and I picked him up and traveled through the country with him for two weeks. It was unforgettable! Also…my brother-in-law married a girl from Brazil on the beach in Natal, where my story is set. I wasn’t able to attend the wedding so I lived the experience through writing my book.

What kind of research did you do?

My favorite part of writing is research. I LOVE learning about places and people and occupations. Also, I tell people to be careful what they tell me because it will probably end up in one of my books!

For the dating stories I was able to use personal stories from my kids and other family members and stories from readers. I got such a kick out of reading about some of the crazy dating experiences people have had and had fun using them in the story.

Because part of the book takes place in Brazil I had to research the city of Natal and find out how one would arrange doing a wedding on the beach. Luckily I was able to ask my brother-in-law and sister-in-law since they actually had a wedding on the beach there.

Also, two of my characters play soccer (futbol) in Brazil, so I did research about that.

I love research, too. I understand how you feel. Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

I can’t say that my favorite character in all my books is the main character, I tend to like really quirky, unique characters so that usually ends up being a secondary character but in this book I loved the main character. She’s down-to-earth, her struggles are real, her situation is relatable and she’s someone the reader can cheer for and hope that good things will happen for her. She was burned by her fiancé and swore off dating. To open herself up and start dating again took a lot of faith and letting her guard down. She’s not perfect, but in her imperfections, she unforgettable.

Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you, Michele, for this informative interview. I hope my readers will check out your book.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Interview with Fantasy Author and Publisher Mark Miller

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Mark currently resides in Florida with his wife and four children. He has achieved some success as a Kindle Best Seller and having one of his short stories selected as a winner in the Florida Writer’s Association Short Story Collection. Growing up in Kansas, Mark graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences and received his Bachelor’s in Film from the University of Kansas.

Mark has written numerous novels, screenplays, short stories and digital series. Many of his stories are geared for the classroom. He has explored his spirituality, writing both with his father and daughter. Inspirational stories with positive messages are his goal with everything he writes and publishes under his imprint, MillerWords.

Welcome to my blog, Mark. Where did you get your inspiration for The Empyrical Tales?

My goodness, this has been an amazing experience. First, thank you for having me on the blog today. I have to be honest, this is not a new book. My writing adventure started 10 years ago, so asking me where my inspiration came from will take some cranking up of the WayBack Machine. Book 1 of the Empyrical Tales was my first traditionally published novel. There were lots of ups and downs, until, finally, I recovered my rights and am now able to publish it under my own imprint in a revised edition with a fresh new layout and a beautiful cover. So, that tells you some of the back story, but the inspiration was simple enough. I wanted a story that I could tell my children. I wanted it to incorporate the books and movies that I loved as a child (and now). The land of Empyrean is a place where myths, folklore and fairytales exist after their familiar stories have ended. It’s a place where we can escape from reality, like Oz or Narnia.

Please give us a description of book one: Journey of the Fourth Queen.

This is the start of a planned 8 book epic. At its heart, it’s the story of two sisters, Zandria and Olena. Personally, I like surprise and don’t like spoilers, so you won’t get me to give too much away. I will say this is the literal and metaphorical beginning of their Journey. Empyrean is ruled by four queens and one of them mysteriously disappears. Zandria and Olena go on their journey to find the Fourth Queen.

Tell us about book two: Search for the Lost Queen.

Book 2 starts the very next day after the end of book one. Can’t say too much without giving away the ending of the first one, but it is Zandria and Olena’s search for their mother. It expands the their world and introduces new characters like the tough, sarcastic elf Dew Lantisphere. She is forty-four years old, but because elves in Empyrean age slower than humans, she looks to be about the same age as 11 year old Zandria. Other main characters have their own subplots, but the whole thing comes together because the fate of Empyrean is always in the balance.

Did you have to do any research for this series?

Absolutely. Research, in my opinion, is essential to any writing. The old adage is “write what you know”, but if you don’t know it, research it. I wanted to bring a huge variety of myths and fairytales to life, so I had to dig deep. I’ve done so much research and incorporated it into the series, that I sometimes forget where it came from. Each book, however, has a different influence. Most of it is European and North American. However, Book 3: Mystery of the Secret Queen has a strong Egyptian background, while Book 5 will have an Asian influence.

You love to write Fantasy. What intrigues you most about this genre?

I write in most any genre from early reader adventure to adult non-fiction. An author friend of mine is fond of saying he goes where the story takes him. However, fantasy is in my heart. I was born in the 70’s, but I’m a child of the 80’s. I grew up in a fantasy world. Two words: Star Wars. Some might think it is sci-fi, but it’s actually an old-fashioned sword and sorcery adventure. That pop culture of books and movies shaped me and when I wrote a story for my daughters where the characters can magically live forever, that has preserved my own memories.

Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

I have a landing page at, where I happen to be giving away the full novel of Journey of the Fourth Queen to anyone who signs up for the MillerWords quarterly newsletter. Most of my activity is done on our Facebook page –

Thank you again for hosting me! This has been a treat to switch out of my publisher hat and into my author disguise for a little bit. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning that MillerWords is accepting submissions at (guidelines are on both sites above).

Thank you, Mark, for this very interesting interview. I hope my readers check out your books.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Interview with Romance Author Jewel Adams

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Jewel Adams is a wife and the mother of eight children, and a grandmother. She has been writing inspirational romance for over twenty years, and has over forty published works. Always one to share a message of God’s love through her stories, Jewel is a devout Christian Latter-Day Saint who loves the Lord with all her heart and has experienced many blessings and miracles in her life because that love, and she is secure in the knowledge of God’s love for her and all men. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker to both youth and adult audiences.

In her spare time, you can find Jewel curled up with a good book and a healthy stash of orange Tic Tacs. She and her family reside in Utah.

Welcome to my blog, Jewel. I love the cover to your new book. Please tell us about Women of Wisdom, Courage and Virtue.

Yes, this little booklet has a few personal spiritual thoughts about four righteous women in the Bible, why I revere them, and how their example has touched my life. I had been thinking about writing it for a while now, but then the prompting kept growing stronger, so I finally listened.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

Well, when I say my prayers, I ask my Heavenly Father daily to bless me with the wisdom of Eve, the faith and devotion of Ruth, the courage of Esther, and the virtue and righteousness of Mary, mother of the Savior. These women emulated Christ in their lives, and since we are commanded to be like the Savior, what better examples can we find for the women of today who are truly seeking righteousness and holiness? They and so many others in the scriptures are perfect examples of what it is to be a royal daughter of God. I have studied and pondered the lives of Eve, Ruth, Esther, and Mary, and my love for them grows by the day. I want to share my love of these amazing women with others, and hopefully, readers of this booklet will be as inspired by them as I am.

Tell me about one of the women and what you love about her?

Oh, that’s so hard, because there is so much about all of them that endears them to me. But Esther always comes to mind right off.

In the waiting room of the temple, there is a beautiful painting of Esther. I always plant myself on the bench right in front of that painting and ponder Esther while I wait. She was such a courageous and obedient woman, and I long to be that courageous and obedient with every fiber of my being. She married and came to love a powerful king who had put his first queen away because of her disobedience to his command.

Going unsummoned before her husband, knowing she would be in danger of losing her life, was a brave and selfless act on Esther’s part. It was a bitter cup and a sacrifice she was willing to make because of her love for her people and her love for God. In that way, she was an example of Christ. “Greater love hath no man than this.” How can you not love and revere her?

I know exactly how you feel because that is why I love the story of Esther. You have written another book called By Invitation, Your Place at The Feast. I love the cover. What is this book about?

By Invitation is also a small book of personal thoughts of hope and inspired truths about how Jesus Christ’s atonement can work in each of us. It’s also about becoming more spiritually prepared for the return of the Savior. It was co-authored by my friend, Jordan Jantz, and it contains some of his thoughts as well.

Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Right now, I am using the Til You Come Back to Me Again website as my main site. It is constantly being updated:

Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, Jewel. I hope my readers will check out your books.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Interview with Romance Author Charissa Stastny

 Book Giveaway Feb 19 - 26: A Romance, Package Deal from the Ruled Out Romances series.

One lucky commenter will win an ebook of Package Deal. But that’s not all! Whoever signs up for Charissa’s newsletter can get a FREE copy of Game Changer (the 1st book in the stand-alone series). You just have to email her back when you receive your “Welcome Letter” to verify your email and she will send it to you.

Charissa Stastny is married to her high school sweetheart and has four children who are the light of her life. She’s an avid reader, happy writer, BYU graduate, and lover of poppies and irises, clouds, chocolate, sushi, and nature. Though born and raised in Las Vegas, she has never pulled a handle of a slot machine and can’t shuffle cards to save her life. She shuffles kids, laundry, and church responsibilities rather well though. She currently lives in Utah with her family, where shuffling cards isn’t required.

“With witty dialogue and a fast-paced plot, this feel-good book will stick with you for days.”Taylor Dean

Welcome to my blog, Charissa. What is the Ruled Out Romances Series about?

In this new series of stand-alone stories, star-crossed lovers meet, but rule each other out. But life, with its quirky twists and tangled turns, brings each of the unlikely duos together again and again until they yield to the magnetic pull between them and discover their unique happily-ever-afters.

This series sounds intriguing. Please give us a description of book one: Game Changer.

Orange chicken was a game-changer.

Meridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. She’s comfortable being invisible. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works. Still, she’s smart enough to know he’d never notice a girl like her, and she’d never want him even if he did. Too much unwelcome attention.

Parker Harrington basks in the glory that’s been his since the game-changing passes he caught that pushed his team into the national spotlight. Sticky Fingers is his media moniker now, and the cheerleaders who used to ignore him when he sat the bench have become his most devoted fans. But when he accidentally crashes into a quiet coed and covers her in orange chicken, it throws off his offensive game.

As fate, ice cream, and orange chicken throw the opposites together, will Parker continue keeping company with women he knows are only using him for his fame, or will he change up the game and risk his heart on a genuine girl who despises the attention he craves?

Tell us about book two: Package Deal.

Angels come in different packages.

Single mom Spring has no desire to date again. At her best friend’s wedding though, she is surprised when a handsome man’s flirtations charm her, instead of annoy her. But when her toddler runs up and calls her Mommy, she can tell by his reaction that her daughter is a deal-breaker. He can’t escape fast enough.

Hudson Sandel proudly owns his bachelor status as he attends his little brother’s wedding as best man. Too bad the only woman who tempts him there has a daughter that rules her out. Instant fatherhood will never be on his agenda. Yet when the kid throws a tantrum, he swoops in to help keep her from ruining his brother’s special night. When he leaves though, he can’t get the gorgeous blonde out of his head. Playing hero to her child made him feel uncomfortably good, and he doesn’t know quite how to feel about that.

As fate, lollipops, and toddler tantrums keep throwing the angelic duo into Hudson’s path, will he risk his heart and dreams on a package deal, or stick to the sure road leading to professional success and glory?

What are the names of the next two books in this series and when will they be ready?

Collateral Hearts – book 3 (Coming later in 2018)
Corporate Crush – book 4 (Coming later in 2018)

Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you so much for this interview, Charissa. It’s always a joy to have you visit my blog.

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Interview with Romance Author Renee Riva

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Renee Riva has been writing stories ever since she won her first writing contest in the second grade. She combines her memories of a happy childhood( growing up in a big Italian family with a bunch of noisy siblings she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world), the heart of a “hopeful” romantic, and adds a big dose of gentle humor to delight the hearts of readers. She loves writing romantic comedies and both contemporary and historical novellas about young love.

Welcome to my blog, Renee. I understand that seven of the Forget-Me-Not-Romance Authors have each written a short story. What was the inspiration for Sweetwater Romances: A Valentine Sampler?

In early December, one of our Forget-me-not-romance authors was noticing how much readers liked romantic Christmas collections. It made her think first, we are writers of romance, and, second, an upcoming holiday is all about romantic affection. What if we could get something short and sweet ready in time for Valentine’s Day? Each piece would be like a chocolate in a sampler box, the first one making the reader want to “taste” the next. After one night of mulling it over, she pitched the idea to our publisher Cynthia Hickey. She posted it on our authors’ Facebook group to test interest. The collection filled in half an hour! She set the length at 6,000 words and then slammed down the deadline –January 1st! Oh my, that put all of us in a scramble!

Please tell us about your short story that you wrote.

My story, Sweetwater Café, revolves around Shelby Smith who has been a waitress at the café for six years. She’s hoping for a reason to leave Sweetwater, when a handsome woodworker arrives in town to restore a historical barn. Here’s my best description of what happens next:

Welcome to the Sweetwater Cafe in the small town of Sweetwater, Kansas, where EVERYBODY knows your name! For Shelby Smith, enough is enough. After six years of working the BBQ Lunch Special under the overbearing eye of grumpy, Great Aunt Beula, Shelby is ready to get out of Dodge... until a handsome, young, newcomer walks into the cafe one frosty February morning. Can Chase Tanner change the direction this city wannabe is heading, and help to heal a family at the same time? C'mon in for a BBQ Sweetwater Burger and find out!

Are any of the stories connected to one another, such as: Do the characters know one another or live in the same town?

Yes! We are all connected! There are seven shops in Sweetwater, Kansas, and we each chose our shop to be in charge of, and were free to visit other shops. We have: A café, hardwood store, B&B, candy shop, dress boutique, photography shop, and a bakery. Willow from Toolbox Trinkets comes to my café for lunch. I (Shelby), go to the Bon Bon Boutique to buy a dress for my hot Valentine date with Chase. Chase goes to Sweet Nothings to buy chocolate for Shelby. A few of the couples go to a Valentine Dinner at the B&B. The challenge was coordinating with the other authors so we had all of our stories in sync with one another. Fortunately, Cindy Amos, bless her heart, read all of our stories to make sure they jived with the others!

List the website of each author so my readers can check out their recent and past books they have written?

Cynthia Hickey Multi-published and Amazon and ECPA Best-Selling author Cynthia Hickey has sold over a million copies of her works since 2013. She has taught a Continuing Education class at the 2015 American Christian Fiction Writers conference, several small ACFW chapters and RWA chapters. She and her husband run the small press, Winged Publications, which includes some of the CBA’s best well-known authors. She lives in Arizona with her husband, one of their seven children, two dogs, one cat, and three box turtles. She has eight grandchildren who keep her busy and tell everyone they know that “Nana is a writer”.
 Website at
Cindy M. Amos is a freelance nature writer with nonfiction publications in numerous national magazines for ministry work and mentoring students in the sciences. From a career in natural resources management and endangered species conservation along the Atlantic coast, she now writes nature-infused inspirational fiction about people living close to the land from her post in the Midwest.
Jennifer AlLee~ For the first 10 years of her life, Jennifer AlLee lived above a mortuary in Hollywood, California, one block away from Hollywood and Vine. Over the years, she worked in numerous fields, including as a church secretary and an administrative assistant at a cable company, but whatever the position, writing always became part of the job description. In 2007, her first novel was published. Since then, she's published 11 novels and quite a few novellas with five different publishing houses. While she's thrilled to be living her dream as an author, Jennifer considers raising her amazing son to be her best creative achievement.
Martha Rogers is a multi-published author and writes a weekly devotional for ACFW. Martha and her husband Rex live in Houston, Texas where they are active members of First Baptist Church. They are the parents of three sons and grandparents to eleven grandchildren and great-grandparents to four. Martha is a retired teacher with twenty-eight years teaching. Find Martha at:
Christina Rich, a mother of four children, a grandmother of one, a romance author with Harlequin’s inspirational line, Love Inspired, Forget Me Not Romances, and photographer, and is currently working on several non-fiction books.
Brandi Boddie writes historical and contemporary romance. She resides in Texas, where she loves spending time with her husband and dogs, a cocker spaniel and a schnauzer who both aspire to be food critics.

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Interview with Fantasy Romance Author Anna Del C Dye

Anna is an accomplished, award winning author of clean romance and medieval fantasy. She has written an Elf Series, with seven books, all published. She now is writing "The Royal Romance Series" in which the soon to be released Dark Mirror Image is stand-alone book number 4. She also has published several books in digital format: A Middle grade tale; Emerine's Nightmare, A Medieval Romance; The Chancellor from Connier; and The Other Santa A Christmas Miracle, a story set in the depression era.  

Welcome to my blog, Anna. Please tell us about your novel, Dark Mirror Image. This is part of A Royal Romance series.

This is book four in A Royal Romance series. 

King Keban didn’t realize that gazing upon Princess Arianne was punishable by death. Saldil was the kingdom that piqued his curiosity, and the sole reason he had accepted this visit. Her brother, the king, gave him another option—Now he will return home to Perjha with the princess as his wife. He wonders at the turn of events, but only for a small moment. After staying there for a night, filled with hair-curling cries and dreadful noises coming from her brother’s chamber, he could never leave her in that place…not even for his kingdom.

Arianne liked King Keban the moment their eyes met. She is no longer so sure when her brother announces that Keban demanded to marry her, or he would attack Saldil. Who is this man with two faces? And why won’t he tell anyone that they are married? She will have to keep both eyes on this king and this most unusual arrangement.

I love your book cover. It seems to draw me into your story. What age group will enjoy this book?

Teens and even some twelve-year-old girls will enjoy the romance, mystery and happy (?) ending.

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

King Keban is the most remarkable men I ever know the kind every girl dreams of as her prince charming. He is intelligent, calm, respectful, kind, positive, and doesn't need to prove he is the king...everyone knows it and loves him for it.

Put in a peculiar situation by a creepy king during his trip to a neighboring kingdom, he makes the best of it. When he later sees the need to save a damsel in distress, he takes it seriously and rescues Princess Arianne in two days flat by getting her out of her kingdom.

You write fantasy. What intrigues you most about writing this genre?

What captures my imagination about fantasy is the many possibilities in this genre. You can start with no matter of thought and take it to a new universe and beyond, leaving you breathless all at once. The many different roads you can travel there and back and all that can be yours for the taking. It truly is a fountain of ever running ideas and inspiration.

I love your description of why you write fantasy. Where is your website so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

They can find everything I have written and a lot about me in my website:

Thank you so much for this interview, Anna. It’s always fun talking about your books.

You may buy Anna's book at the links below:

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Interview with Romantic Mystery/Suspense Author Mary L. Ball

Mary L. Ball is a multi-published Christian author. She resides in the heart of North Carolina. When she isn't working on her latest story, she enjoys fishing, reading, and ministering in song with her husband at various functions.

Readers can connect with her on her web page, Face Book or Twitter

Visit Mary’s Singing Ministry Site at:

Welcome to my blog, Mary. Sunny's Dream is the first book in an Inspirational Mystery Series called Celestial Investigation. Please tell us about this Mystery/Suspense Romance.

Sunny Kast spends her week fighting cyber-crime, and dreaming of her prince charming. When a man walks into Celestial Investigations, and introduces himself as Trouble, she’s sure he’s not her prince and positive that he lives up to his name. After Max Trouble finds an important document, his life gets complicated with the know-it-all P.I. hired to track down its owner.

Sunny and Max’s relationship grows. She’s optimistic that he may be her prince charming, but after her car is sabotaged and she’s almost killed, Max’s chauvinist ideas of a female investigator surface. Will she see God’s perfect plan, or a not-so-perfect relationship?

“Sunny’s Dream,” Celestial Investigation, book one, is a Christian romantic suspense based on three sisters. Their P.I. skills come in handy in the quaint town of Mercy, North Carolina, a place where romance and mystery unite.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

I was driving home one day. For no reason, the concept of creating a series with three sisters came to mind. The names were instant. I’m very grateful to God for fueling my imagination.

I understand completely. What kind of research did you do for this book?

I researched the requirements to be a private investigator in North Carolina. I also searched out several facts on various ways to sabotage a car and gun laws. LOL I’m sure if anyone notices my search history they may think I’m some kind of nut.    

Tell me about one of the main characters and what you love about him or her?

Sunny is the main character. I like her spunk, and the way she reacts to difficult situations.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written?

Thank you for this fun interview, Mary. This series sounds so intriguing.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Interview with Author Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

Kathryn has been interested in book marketing since her first book was published in 2002 and her ‘then’ publisher, invited her to take care of her own book signings. She was surprised. Later, she realized that no matter how an author is published: traditionally or self-published, it’s up to the author to market his/her book. She has since published 12 books, and the marketing continues.

Welcome to my blog, Kathryn. Please tell us about Marketing Your Book on a Budget.

Marketing Your Book on a Budget is in its 7th year. It’s a short read; no fluff, and filled with links and tips on marketing that any author will be excited to find. In it, the writer will find links to book reviewers, blog interviewers, free advertising, and more. In it, they will learn how to market their book without fear, and will discover what to do when rejection comes. Because it will. The most important thing for authors is to keep doing what works – what brings in the new readers, what gets the most views – and let go of what doesn’t.

Can you give us one example that will help an author to spread the word about his or her books?

Best example I can think of. Good reviewers. It often takes hours and hours to find reviewers to review a book, but this is the single most important marketing tip I can share with you. But where do you find them? How do you approach them? And what is their contact information? The answers to these questions can be found in Marketing Your Book on a Budget.

At one of your lectures that I attended, you encouraged authors to submit their books to ACX and turn them into an audiobook. I did it and was so impressed with the outcome. Could you please tell my readers more about ACX, which is a sister company to Amazon, and how one goes about making their book into an audiobook?

I would be glad to. ACX, or Audio Creation Exchange, works with, iTunes and Amazon where your audio book is listed and can be purchased. At ACX, you can search out a narrator for your book. I have used Nancy Peterson (who now charges for her services) and Lauren Holladay. While some narrators prefer to be paid upfront for their work, there are others who will split the royalty with you at the time of sale. This is what I have done for 9 of my 12 books. Of course, you can do the audio yourself, but it’s fairly difficult to get the audio just right unless you have a studio in which to produce it.

What kind of research did you do?

Both of these narrators came to me without doing any research. I guess I was lucky. One of my sisters knows Nancy, and Nancy was looking for someone to get her started in narration. A connection was made. Nancy has narrated all of my Parable books.

With Lauren, I’d just joined a new site called, Alignable, and was getting familiar with the small businesses that were a part of that. One day I got a message from Lauren. She was trying to build her new business and wondered if I’d be interested in listening to a sample or two. I did, and we connected. Lauren has worked on all of my mysteries, including my newest YA – Tie Died.

Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your author interviews and your books that you have written?

You can find me at and, where you’ll find information in publishing with Idea Creations Press. We currently have 22 authors who have published with us, and are always looking for more.

Thank you so much for this informative interview. I hope many authors check out your book and that it helps them.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Interview with Author Paul Joseph Brennan

Paul Joseph Brennan was born in the Boston Children’s Hospital. He was one of 5 children. His early childhood memories were happy, even though his family had some troubles. Then the trials became such that he quit school and left home at the age of 14. His education consisted mostly from the school of hard knocks, a tough taskmaster. His journey through his trials has been difficult, but he was able to not only survive but also find joy in his life. He now lives in Southern Utah with his wife. His grown children and his grandchildren live near him and he and his wife spend most of their time enjoying their family. Paul’s family is his greatest treasure. Under Pressure: Buried Alive and Other Ordinary Miracles is Paul’s first book.

This story gives you a new insight on the life of Paul Joseph Brennan. I have never known a neighborhood where joining a gang was expected and smoking pot was part of life. I had never had a father who was an alcoholic and beat me regularly. These were experiences that Paul Brennan had as a young boy and teenager. For someone to go through all the trials Paul did in his life and come out a stronger person really amazes me. It would be so easy to give up, but he didn’t. He continued on and changed his life for the better. My respect for this man grew by leaps and bounds as I read his story. This book has humor, hardships, and spiritual experiences.” –Review by Linda Weaver Clarke

This book is one of my favorite books that I read in 2017. Welcome to my blog, Paul. Please tell us about Under Pressure: Buried Alive and Other Ordinary Miracles.

Under Pressure: Buried Alive and Other Ordinary Miracles is a book about my journey. I believe that we can change our future no matter what our past looks like. People have told me all of my life that my life has been unusual. I believe that my past has made me who I am today and there are miracles everyday, large and small that can change us for the better if we just recognize them. I want to share my story in hopes that I can help someone out, then have the hope and courage to carry on and find their true joy in life.

Where did you get your inspiration to write your autobiography?

My inspiration for my autobiography came from all my friends and family and people I’ve met along the way that have heard pieces of my story that have inspired me to write all the stories down and put them together in a book. 

You mention “ordinary miracles” in the title. Would you like to expound on this subject?

Ordinary miracles. I believe we have miracles all around us everyday. Sometimes we don’t recognize them because we get used to them and so we call them ordinary. Like the sun coming up each morning, a baby growing inside a human being, or even all the amazing things our bodies can do. I was kind of playing with the words ordinary miracles in my book because in reality, there are no ordinary miracles. All the miracles around us are amazing!

That is so true, Paul. Did you find it an emotional experience to reminisce about the past as you wrote your autobiography?

It was and still becomes an emotional experience each time I reread a portion of the book. Some memories are cherished, while others are memories I wish I could forget at times. But again, they have all contributed to who I am today.

Where is your website so my readers can check out your book?

You can find more about me and about my book at:

Thank you, Paul, for this enlightening interview. Just a note to my readers, I have known Paul for many years but never realized what kind of life he had lived before moving to Southern Utah…until I read his book. My respect for this man grew so much as I learned about his trials, his spiritual feelings about life, his love for his children, and his devotion towards his wife. I didn’t know this “tough” man was so romantic until I read his deepest feelings for Karen. Get the book. You’ll enjoy it!

By the way, Paul, I couldn't help putting this awesome "tough guy" picture below. Haha. I got it from your wife!!!