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Interview with Author Laura Lyseight

Laura Lyseight has been a source of inspiration and great influence in the lives of many teenagers and children. Her burning ambition to see teens find and reach their full potential has driven her to write books to challenge, empower and enrich their lives beyond their own expectations. A private tutor and coach, and a best-selling author, Laura is mentoring teens to leadership and helping them create their own success stories.

Hello Laura. Please tell us about your books and what you want to accomplish in helping young people.

Thank you very much for this interesting question. My objective and obsession is to create an awareness of the untapped abilities, capabilities and hidden potential that lies dormant in the lives of many teens. This is the passion that has consumed and driven me to prolifically write and help teens break out from their limiting beliefs, both internally and externally.

When writing, do you get your ideas from real life experiences as a teenager?

Definitely, everybody has to pass through this unavoidable teen stage in life. Personally I think this is a vital stage where one can make or break him or herself. Walter Hoving says "Youth is a frightening many problems; so little wisdom to solve them."

In my teen years I actually wanted to be my very best. I was great with my academics, but was not an all round, as I lacked the ability to think outside the box. My parents encouraged us (my sisters and I) to get the best grades, so we could end up with good jobs, but I always used to ask why some people were extremely wealthy, while we were just above average. I wanted to know more, but had no mentor or role model to satisfy my curiosity. I knew people, who were doing extremely well financially, had secrets that the average person did not know about. Yet I had no one to show me the path to achieve great success. If I knew in my teen years what I know now, which I gladly share in my books, my life would have certainly turned out differently. I give thanks to my God in all things though, because the steps of the righteous are ordered by Him. This is one of my main reasons for mentoring teens.

1001 Life Changing Quotes 4 TEENS is a compilation of words of wisdom to inspire and change the lives of teens. These quotes are taken from various scholars. In your book you wrote: “Jesus says profoundly, ‘The words that I speak, they are Spirit and they are life.’ Words live and have incredible power, so watch what words you speak.” Your book is full of wisdom, “designed to motivate, challenge, and help teens in charting their successful path in life.” Please tell us why you want to inspire teens to a better life.

God has already placed in us the ability to rule, reign and take charge over our lives. He wants us to enjoy our lives, influence and affect others around us. He calls us to the abundant life, so that we can be channels of blessings. However, majority of people are clueless of this birthright and as the Bible clearly states "Because of LACK of knowledge my people perish." You need to gain knowledge, you must have a desire to make friends with words of wisdom because, you are called to success.

As a matter of fact, you are the only one who has the power to personally develop yourself. Throughout history all successful men and women have been known to tap into the power of wise words and you should want to do the same. You can do more when you are successful than when the opposite is true.

In your book you wrote: “You are unique and you are one of a kind. You can BE, DO and HAVE whatever you desire. Break loose from every limiting and wrong thought so that your genius can appear. You are created in the image of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. ” I love this quote. What did you mean when you said break loose from every limiting and wrong thought?

I will start by saying that any limiting belief comes about due to the accumulation of occurrences from childhood to whatever stage we find ourselves. Sadly enough both young and old have these limiting beliefs, but the good news is that we can all break loose from them.

I coach teens who normally come to their first meeting with all kinds of wrong thoughts and excuses on why they are not performing at their best. They have every imaginable excuse going on in their minds- they come from a broken home, they do not deserve it, they are not good enough, they are not clever, their skin color, they are not cool or pretty enough, and the list could go know what I am trying to say.

Truth is, life throws challenges at all, but you do not have to make a bed and sleep where you met the challenge, instead you make the best out of every misfortune. In my book TEENS BEAT FUTURE ECONOMIC CRISIS, I talk about a girl who had no friends in school because these group of girls in her class said she was not cool enough, as she listened to country music. She went home from school almost everyday feeling lonely and sad, but when she got home she would write her own lyrics to country music. She got signed up and the same girls who said she was not cool, came to her show, wearing her T-shirts. She admits those girls did her more good than harm, even though at that time it was painful, not having friends.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I say break loose from every limiting belief. You are the captain of your own ship, God gave you that power, do not let any circumstance or anybody sink your ship. There is a winner on the inside of you. His name is Jesus. You are one of a kind, because you are created in God's image.

Wonderful words of wisdom! What does your family think about your lectures and writing?

I thank God, because He never ceases to surprise me with the talents and gifts he has put on the inside of me. I just love teaching and mentoring, but I did not even know I could write as well. Out of my obsession to share more of my experiences and thoughts with teens as well as children I was led to write these books. I have two other books in the pipeline.

My husband reads my books and is fascinated by my style of writing, my mother and sisters keep on telling everybody about my books. My dad who passed away two years ago, would have been over the moon to see my achievements, he instilled such discipline and the "CAN DO" spirit in me.

You have a strong belief in God, Laura, and a wonderful outlook on life. Do you have any last words for our teens?

You are my successful teen, stand tall, smile, look at yourself in the mirror, do you see your uniqueness? You are a STAR, you cannot be hidden… shine, shine so bright.

Thank you so much, Linda, for giving me the opportunity to share on your site. You are a blessing.

Thank you, Laura. You are very sweet. You are a blessing to the youth. I hope that you will be able to help many young people. To learn more about her books, visit


success4teeninfo said...


Thanks so much for this wonderful interview. Hope these books will bring about some transformations in the lives of these future leaders.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What a wonderful interview! Laura seems like a strong, calming person; just the type I need to surround myself with right now.

I've got this posted at Win a Book; no need to enter me. I'm dropping in mostly to say thanks for the e-mail.

Fred said...

Enjoyed the interview. Heard about this on The Book Club Network ( Thanks forr sharing it.

Martha Lawson said...

What a great interview! I would love to have this book to pass on to my 13 yr old grandaughter!! I think this is a book that every teen-ager should read! I will be putting on my to buy list. You are a real inspiration.

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Darlyn said...

Thanks for the interview and I kind of like all the books. Thanks for introducing Laura!1001 Life Changing Quotes 4 TEENS sounds what I need now since I'm a teenager ;p

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Great interview, Linda. Please enter me in the contest; I have teenage nieces and nephews.

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Nancye said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview. All of the books Laura has written all soun both helpful and intriguing, but the one that caught my eye was: "The Teen With A Millionaire Mindset." As a mother of a 15 year old son, this is the perfect book for our family. My son us young enough for this book to help him make positive changes in his life so that he has a chance to achieve his dream of becoming "rich" one day!! Thanks for the chance!

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Serena said...

I think it is amazing what Laura is doing. More people need to be aware of the challenges that young people face. I think even adults should read these books. We need more good examples to teenagers. We need more understanding in the world. Thanks for this interview!

Alaina said...

I have always loved finding quotes of people to surround myself with and help me remember to be better and try and reach my potential. I think it would be awesome to have a book that is compilation of different people's "words of wisdom". It sounds like a book that could help not only teens, but anyone seeking to do better in life. I think this would be a great book to help teens! Thanks for sharing it!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Darlyn! I'm happy to announce that you have won "1001 Life Changing Quotes 4 TEENS." I'm excited for you since you are a teenager as well. Take care!

Darlyn said...

Hi Linda! Thanks so much and I'm still excited to received your email last couple of days ago ;p

Diana said...

It’s hard entering an adult world. I wasn’t prepared for certain realities or the anxiety & stress that comes with growth. I didn't know what I wanted in life or a career & often lacked the confidence to believe certain roads were open to me. Thanks for your contribution to future generations, Ms. Lyseight!