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Interview with Regency Romance Author Jaimey Grant

Jaimey Grant has been studying the Regency time period for nearly ten years. She is the author of five romances set in Regency England. She enjoys research and says, “My Regencies are similar to the more traditional, non-graphic Regencies from years ago.” But there is one difference with Jaimey's writing. Her romances “contain a little more controversy, a little more drama.”

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A lady with a dangerous secret deceives the man she loves, desperate for protection from her encroaching past.”

Hello, Jaimey. I love this cover. Tell us about your book, Deception.

Deception is the love story of Lord Levi, Earl of Greville and Miss Aurora Glendenning. He is a gambler with a title and many properties who decides to quit gambling and find a rich bride. (While this seems mercenary and a bit heartless by our standards, it was common for the Regency.) Aurora is rich but hides that fact because she wants a man to love her for herself and as she says, "Men do not tend to fall in love when there is money clouding their vision." These two meet and the attraction is instant and strong. Despite their efforts to resist, they find themselves obliged to marry.

Obliged to marry? Already this story is intriguing to me. Since your books are all connected, can I read them separately or do I need to read them in order? Also, what is the order?

The chronological order is Betrayal, Deception, Spellbound, Heartless, Redemption. They're not so connected that they can't be read alone but they have recurring characters.

You once said, “Despite all the depravity of the era there is still an element of absolute romance attached. The kissing of hands, the gentle courting, the manners and charm are all things that appeal to my shy nature. What woman would not want to be treated as a princess, her permission sought before being introduced to a gentleman, her every comfort seen to? It is in our nature to desire to be cherished and adored.” I love this quote. Can you briefly tell us what Regency Romance is?

The Regency was a time of ladies and gentlemen, manners, breeding, Society, social upheaval, and war. While this time period technically fell between the years of 1811 and 1820, the trends in fashion, architecture, literature, politics, and culture began before 1800 and extended until Queen Victoria began her reign in 1837.

As for the genre itself, it seems to imply a certain gentle type of romance novel, one that the reader can just sit back and enjoy without too much emotional turmoil involved. While I have nothing against such romances—they have their definite appeal—my Regency romances tend to contain a little more drama, a glimpse into the darker side of the Regency era. One reader made the comment that my books are "traditional historical romance with meat!" I couldn't have said it better myself. :o)

I love drama. It makes you sit on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. Where did you get your inspiration for your novel?

Deception came about after I wrote Betrayal. Levi first appeared in Betrayal as the heroine's cousin and the only person in her life who didn't want her fortune. He was fun-loving, jovial, a big bear of a guy, and the exact opposite of my typical heroes. As Betrayal's story developed, I came to like Levi more and more and decided he needed the chance to share his own story. Then I “met” Aurora and the seeds of Deception were planted.

Real life rarely inspires my novels. At least, not directly. As writers, we often add certain aspects to our fictional characters that we've observed in those around us. I'm just not one of those writers who meets someone and thinks, "What a great character she would make!"

On the other hand, all of my heroes have aspects of my husband in them. He's the quintessential tortured hero, misunderstood and judged. It makes marriage difficult but never boring. I laugh when he recognizes himself while reading my books.

Ha! I tend to do that, too. In fact, my husband once said, “My life is like an open book.” Why do your books focus on negative aspects of this time period?

There is something about "lost causes" that strikes a chord with me. I am a firm believer in redemption and I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. There were so many things going on in the Regency, beyond Society and even within it. I like to write about someone rising above their circumstances, learning to love, trust, and feel again. Even if those circumstances seem privileged to someone on the outside, none of us can know what goes on in another's shoes.

What a great answer! Just that alone makes me want to read your books. Tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

I'm scared of frogs. I mean, TERRIFIED. Dead ones more than live ones. I scream like I'm about to be attacked if one gets near me. It's pathetic, I know, and it gets worse the older I get.

Hilarious! Now we know the real you! The author who will never create a frog for a hero! There will be no frog prince in your stories.


Silvina said...

I loved Deception, it was one of those books that you just can't put down, because you are dying to know how the story will end.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

I love regency romance. they are so amazing!

Aurora said...

I've wanted this book for awhile, it looks so good!

Christine H said...

I too love Regency Romance Novels. I've read one series that really moved me like no other books have, it was meaty too. If your's is anything Like that I've got to have it!! and I love reading in order so If I win Deception, I'll have to buy Betrayal first. Look forward to reading the series!!!

misskallie2000 said...

I also love Regency Romance Novels as well as my daughter. She reads faster than I do so she stays ahead of me and keeps running out of books to read. lol
I would love to win Deception. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

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I love all your books Jaimey! This is one of my favorties. I would love to win a paperback!

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Kat said...

I have wanted to read Jaimey's books for a while but haven't had a chance. This interview makes me want to read it even more!

Teresa Thomas Bohannon said..., jovial, a big bear of a guy

Levi is exactly the type of guy that makes my heart beat faster.

I would thoroughly enjoy reading about this atypical Regency Romance hero.


Cathy said...

Thank you for the interview! Now I want to read this book!! :D


brendajean said...

I love a great Regency romance:) I was just wondering,.. I get the live frogs bit, but what is the fear of dead frogs?! They are after all dead :) Thanks for the interview.

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I love regencies! Austin is my favorite!! I'd love to read this book - it looks great!

- Katie


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It sounds like an interesting read:)
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what a great quote about regency romances, it's all so true!! thanks so much for the great giveaway. the cover of the book is gorgeous!!

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Corinna said...

I am glad I now know that Jaimey Grant's books can be read alone as well as together. So when I finally get to read one of her books it won't matter which one I read first. I hope that one day my local library will carry her books.

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Maureen said...

I enjoy reading a book that continues with updates in the next book. You get ah ha moments.


Danielle Thorne said...

I love your cover and the story sounds awesome. Hope it's to too late for the drawing!

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sounds like a great read...please count me in...thanks :)

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Laura Sullivan said...

I'd like to give it a read when I'm finally done with this semester's coursework! :)


Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Aurora! You are the new winner of my book giveaway. I know you'll enjoy this fantastic book. Have a great holiday season, everyone!