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Interview with Fantasy Author Laura Sepesi

Laura Sepesi is the author of a fantasy series for young readers, ages 8 and up. While in high school, she imagined the story of the Kelmar Trilogy. She began drafting The Guardian of Kelmar the summer she graduated, and continued writing as she worked toward a degree in elementary education. Laura completed this novel at age twenty-one.

Hello Laura. The Guardian of Kelmar is the first of the Kelmar Trilogy. Please tell us about your book.

The Guardian of Kelmar is a fantasy novel that follows the adventures of fifteen-year-old orphan, Carmen Fox, as she journeys through a magical world called Kelmar. Carmen learns to master her powers as a young sorceress as she battles a dark sorcerer named Desorkhan, and his army of followers, who are fighting to take control of Kelmar. The story is fast-paced and action-packed.

From the back cover: Carmen Fox’s life is lonely and insignificant—that is, until the day she stumbles upon an ancient book and a key engraved with five mysterious letters. Suddenly, Carmen is thrust into Kelmar—an amazing new world of magic, where she finds herself at the center of a century’s old war between good and evil. Carmen must undertake sorcerer training if she is to survive the challenges that await her. Can Carmen master her powers and defeat the villainous Magicon alliance? With the help of a fascinating creature named Blaze and unforgettable friends, Carmen begins an incredible journey to discover her destiny.

I know this book will do well because fantasy is so popular. Where did you get the inspiration for your novel?

The initial inspiration for Guardian came from a dream that I had when I was thirteen. In the dream, I was walking through the most beautiful green meadow you could imagine, and there, I met a golden creature named Blaze. We spoke briefly, and then we walked together through this perfect, pure, and magical place that would come to be called Kelmar. The events from the dream became an early scene that plays out between two of the main characters in the book.

Wow! I’ve heard from a few authors that some of their best works came from a dream. The Secrets of Kelmar is the second book in the trilogy. What is it about?

The Secrets of Kelmar continues to follow the journey of Carmen Fox and her friends. In this installment, the world of Kelmar is experiencing dangerous storms and a rise in violence that no one can explain. As the Guardian of Kelmar, Carmen is called upon to restore harmony in the realm.

Best Children’s Books Reviews wrote, “Timeless, magical, brilliantly descriptive and so very much alive. I have a great respect for Laura and the power of her words that flow through her pen. I firmly believe we have an award-winning author here.” Tell us your thoughts about this review.

This was one of the most thoughtful, positive reviews I’ve ever received. The full review, which can be found here:, provides a brilliant overview of the plot without giving away the ending of the story. It’s wonderful to receive such great feedback on my work. As an author, the best compliment you can get is when someone tells you how much he or she enjoyed reading your book and look forward to your next one. It makes the long and difficult process of writing a book worth every moment.

I can totally relate. Whenever I receive positive feedback that comes straight from the heart, I want to shout for joy.  Okay, it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

When I was in elementary school, I wrote a small book with two other students in my class about a haunted pet shop. We were each responsible for writing so many pages of the story, and then we worked together on the illustrations. One of my tasks was to name the two male owners of the pet shop. I named them Frank and Stein. I should have known then that I would be a fiction writer when I grew up.

Frank and Stein? That is so clever. And you were only in elementary? I love it. That took a lot of imagination to come up with that. Yes, you were meant to write fantasy. Thanks for the wonderful interview, Laura. Watch her video below and enjoy!

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