Monday, October 10, 2011

Interview with Author Clint G Cox

Clint Cox owns his own plumbing company, which was voted “Best Plumbing Company in Sanpete County.” But that’s not all, he owns three to four businesses which keep him very busy, but he never forgets that family comes first. He also is very involved serving in numerous capacities for his church. Clint has overcome a few challenges in his life, one of them being Dyslexia, which he struggled with throughout his youth and even now plagues him in small ways. The second challenge was the tragic death of his father. This was a difficult and emotional time in his life. He now uses these emotions in all of his writings. Clint is a loving husband and father to a wonderful family.

"Christmas Notes is an emotional life-pondering story that teaches a grand Christmas message." --Merrill Osmond, Entertainer

Hello, Clint. Please tell us about your new book, Christmas Notes.

I wrote Christmas Notes for my children to save them from the “Holiday Numbness” as I describe through one of the characters of the book. It is a book that is meant to be read every year to help inspire the Christmas spirit. Even the cover was designed with a “present look”. This was to suggest it be placed where people can see it, as a gift to be noticed and read, not to be tucked away on a dusty shelf. This story, of a little orphan girl with her interesting way of communicating, and the young couple, will not only remind you of the things that are most important during Christmas but refresh in your mind the cherished, life necessities all year long.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

My inspiration for this book came during the holiday season in 2009. I was very busy worrying about the lack of success of one company and trying to keep up with the rush of another. My mood was anything but joyful like it should have been, given the time of year. I tried to hide my ailing mood from my family but was failing miserably. A couple of weeks before Christmas one of my daughters said, “I am just not very excited about Christmas this year!”

My heart tore into a million pieces, because I knew it was my fault. I was ruining Christmas for my family, and my child of 8 years old was not excited at all two weeks before the biggest day of the year for most children. I had to right my wrong. I wanted to write my feelings down to give them something they could read in future years when they were struggling with the same feelings as I was, that would pull them out of their despair. The Christmas Notes story line came as inspiration to me at two o’clock in the morning and continued till day-break. I had the story outline that night but most of the emotional scenes of this book were written on cut up 2X4’s and ripped up cardboard with a construction penciled. I would later put it onto my computer after everyone else had gone to bed. 

Clint uses dynamic, fun and sometimes tragic family experiences to make his story feel real. He told me this helps readers “to connect to the story with not only their minds but their hearts as well.” A Reviewer wrote, “This is not just a Christmas book! It is an emotional inspirational life story which teaches what we should be doing all year long.” Tell us your thoughts about this and what your message to the reader is.

My message for this book is twofold. First, true happiness in this life is centered around family and loved ones. Never ending joy comes from attributes such as, gratitude, forgiveness, hope, love, and knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Second, acceptance of one’s faults and trials is key to overcoming them. Working for the solution, instead of dwelling on the problem, is pivotal to making changes in our lives. Enjoying the journey no matter what we had to overcome is a must.

I have lived these principles with my family, faith, and challenges, and what have I learned? First, this kind of happiness, centered around these principals, is lasting and not superficial. Second, I have learned the same thing my wife, editor now, and others reading my book are discovering. Dyslexic people can’t spell worth a darn, but they have a gift for putting together one heck of an emotional story.

I love it. That was a great answer. What does your family think about your writing?

My brothers, having grown up with me and my personal struggles, know that I am a terrible speller and horrible with most aspects of grammar. They are still in shock to the fact that I have written a book, let alone got it published. My mother is elated beyond all measures. My in-laws are very supportive and excited. My wife is so excited to see me overcome my barriers, that to most people would just look at and give up. My children, I say this with a tear in my eye, are so happy for me and want to share every part of this journey together as a family.

Wow! Thanks, Clint, for being a guest on my blog. Now it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

I mentioned a little of this earlier, but I am probably the only author that wrote the majority of his book on cut up 2X4’s and ripped up cardboard with a construction pencil. When unexpected inspiration hits on a plumber’s job site, in the middle of the winter with freezing temperatures, that’s about all you can find that gets the job done.

Ha! This is hilarious. Now we know the real you… the plumber who uses his pencil for a dual purpose… for construction use and for an author’s story. This is great! Below is my review of Clint's book. Also, watch his book trailer below.

Christmas Notes Will Touch Your Heart
Reviewed by Linda Weaver Clarke

Bah! Humbug! That is Max’s attitude toward everything, including Christmas. The reason for it is uncertain but it has been building up inside him for a long time. When his wife wants to take an orphan child for one month during the Christmas season, he reluctantly agrees. Feeling inadequate to be a father to an orphan child for a short time and his bad attitude toward the season, he isn’t in the best of moods. After picking up the five-year-old girl from the orphanage, something begins to happen to him. Day by day, his heart begins to soften and his relationship with his wife improves. His attitude begins to change for the better. Could this one small girl affect his life so much? But that’s not all. There’s much more! This precious darling changes everyone’s life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the relationship between Max and his wife. They are such a fun and cute couple. This story is filled with compassion, love, and humor. But make sure you have a hanky ready for those very tender moments. You’ll need it! “Christmas Notes” will touch your heart as it did mine.


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Oh, please I would love to win this book for my sister. She has a really large family and loves this type of a novel.

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lovely! thanks for both the book and author introduction, Linda!
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I love Christmas stories, and this one sounds so much better than the shallow love stories you often find. Also, I have to admit that I'm touched by the author's life and want to say, "Good for you!" Most people (with the same "handicaps"), I think, would give up before they really got started.

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I love stories that are written because of authors real life experiences. This sounds like a beautiful story:)

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This looks like a book I would really enjoy.

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I would love to win this book. It also sounds like one I'll need several copies of to give as gifts.

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I would love the chance to win and read this book.

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Very interesting to see a book from a male author with a plumbing business and other jobs! And to see that he overcame dyslexia, that is fantastic. I am very eager to read this book, so many are written by female authors. If I dont win I may have to hook up with Mr Cox to do a review on his book :)

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I am already emotional, and I have not even read it yet... I love how real the author is real, even in his interview. On 2X4's!! Brilliant. and, I love that he is able to get beyond some of his challenges to prove the value of faith, surrender, and hope. May God continue to use him in spectacular ways, and bless each person who eventually gets this in hand to read.

I would Love to win this book. I live in Italy and struggle every year with keeping the holidays upbeat and memorable, as we are away from my family, and the traditions here are very different. I think this book would be a lovely addition to our Christmas traditions, at least the ones I am trying to create. :-) Blessings to whomever does win it.

Sheryl Barnes said...

Thank youmfor introducing us to Clint. It is always such a pleasure getting to know the person behind the pen or in Clint 's case the pencil and 2x4s. I loom forward to reading this book.
I personally love the cover. Very eye appealing.

Alden said...

Sounds like a great read and a great gift. I hope your Christmas book is as successful as others from Utah have been.


Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Caroline! You are the winner of this awesome book. I know you'll enjoy it as I did. By the way, Clint said that there will be a sequel to this book. So stay tuned for more.

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This book looks amazingly different and delightful. What a great opening to Christmas celebrations!