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Interview with Children’s Author Sherrill S. Cannon

Sherrill S. Cannon has published four children's books and six plays for elementary school. She graduated magna cum laude from The American University, was a teacher and coach for ten years, was a professional newspaper sports photographer and columnist, a Dinner Theatre Company Stage Manager, an Assistant Talent Manager, and a Business Administrator. She and her husband of 52 years are now retired, and travel in their RV from coast to coast each year to spend time with their children and grandchildren... sharing Sherrill’s books along the way!

All four of Sherrill’s children's books are in rhyme and all try to teach something such as good manners and caring for others. In less than three years, Sherrill has won a dozen National Awards for her books, The Magic Word, Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, Santa’s Birthday Gift and Gimme-Jimmy. Hello, Sherrill. Please tell us about Santa’s Birthday Gift.

My favorite book will always be Santa’s Birthday Gift – because it was the first to be published, and the one that I feel I was inspired to write. After I read the story of the Nativity to one of my grandchildren, she looked at me and said, “But where’s Santa?” I thought to myself, Yes indeed, where is Santa? That night the entire story came to me in a dream, and when I sat down to write it the story just flowed (in rhyme)… So to me it will always be a very special book. The book tells the story of the Nativity, and then skips to Santa seeing the Star at the North Pole and following the Star to Bethlehem, where he kneels before Jesus and gives Him his gift: his promise to bring gifts to children each year to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. Christmas gifts are really Birthday gifts to Jesus.

What a wonderful message! What ages would enjoy this book?

Ages 2-7, for children who still believe in Santa. By the way, I also believe that Santa is the Spirit of Christmas…that desire to give to others. So the transition is much easier for children when you can point out that the Spirit of Christmas is real.

I, too, believe in Santa and the special joy he brings to children when we celebrate the birth of our Savior. You’re never too old to believe! Sherrill, all your books are set in rhyme. I love it. I feel this grabs my children’s and grandchildren’s attention quicker than in story form. What is your opinion on this?

I agree, because children love the music and the flow of the words. It’s also easier for them to remember lines when they rhyme – and you can frequently find small children “reading” along with the story! Of course I love it, because I love poetry - and have been writing poetry since I was a small child myself!

How do your grandchildren react to your books?

Reading Santa’s Birthday Gift is a Christmas tradition for my “grands” – along with their families. The older ones are my best “test read” for my new books, since they also give me nice feedback. The younger ones seem to love them all. When my granddaughter was 3, she had to sleep with The Magic Word; and then when Gimme-Jimmy was released, she decided she really liked it too because Elisabeth from The Magic Word was in it!! My 4-yr-old grandson really loves my newest book, Manner-Man, to be released in January 2013 – probably because he asked me to write one about a Superhero! After his mother read him the story (without illustrations) he immediately went out to the patio and drew me a picture of Manner-Man (with a little help from his Dad) so that I would know what he should look like! 

Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, Sherrill. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I have a new book giveaway each week, so visit my blog and see what is next.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Awww this looks like such a sweet book! I would love to win this for my future grandchildren!
Personally, I never believed in Santa! *gasp* I know, right? but I didn't, for real. in fact I was the one who got in trouble for telling all my friends that he wasn't real and my mom got angry phone calls from parents. True story!
The way I explained it to my daughter was that Santa, while not "real" was a fun Christmas thing to believe in just for Christmas.
Like a fairytale, special just to believe in for fun.

Nice interview!

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scottsgal said...

my niece would enjoy this book
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Nancy Luebke said...

My grandchildren are 2-6 and would love this. It's so true about the spirit of Christmas, if only we could use it all year round.

Melanie Schemanski said...

Melanie Schemanski
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Love seeing all the great Christmas books!

let it be said...

This looks like a great book to share with the kiddos. I love that she uses rhymes in her books. I notice a significant difference when we are reading a book that rhymes compared to one that doesn't. I feel like Santa is something that was cherished by me as a child, so it is something that I believe will be important to share. While we have no spiritual connection with Christmas, it still has a significant meaning to me because it's a time we take to celebrate our family, and our year together :) Thanks for sharing this interview, enjoyed reading it.

let it be said...

I suppose I should have left my email address as well :) oops
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Michele said...

I love the story of how this came to be written! Thanks for sharing.
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debbie curto said...

What a nice book and that we can use it to show others that even Santa worships Jesus

Amy Campbell said...

What a lovely interview. Santa's Birthday Gift seems like a perfect book for my daughter.
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Amy Campbell said...

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Brooke said...

Wonderful interview, it was nice hearing about the grandchildren's reactions. I think my daughters would enjoy this book. Thank you for the giveaway!

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apple blossom said...

thanks for the interview looks like a lovely book thanks for the chance to win

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Amanda Ray said...

My nieces would LOVE this!
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pippirose said...

Thanks for the wonderful interview. It looks like a darling book.
We need to keep the magic and wonder in our childrens' lives as long as we can...

samantha w said...

Such a cute book and wonderful interview. My kids would love this book.

Ruth Reynolds said...

this book sounds great. Merry christmas

Christine said...

One way or another I have to get this book. Kaleb my best friends son with ADHD is 6 now and he really belives in Santa but he sadly doesn't know why we give gifts on Christmas or about Jesus. I think he needs this book and would understand it. I'd love to read him this book as soon as possible. This is really important for him to learn the Christmas story and I just love how you tied in Santa Clause too. Perfect. I often thought of Santa as a seperate story but this is just genius! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this wonderful book! Merry Christmas, Christine :)

Judy-Ree said...

What a great interview. We have been looking for a book that include the Nativity Story and Santa Claus for precisely the same reasons that you wrote one. I will definitely be on the look out for this story to share with my nieces and nephews.

Thanks for a great giveaway and blog stop.

kimberly holgate said...

the interview was good thanks and cant waite to read book
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scott wilcox said...

I am so happy I found these. My boyfriend's granddaughter wants books for Christmas (she is 2 and that makes me totally happy) and her parents want them to be educational. Sherrill's books will fit that bill perfectly!

Thanks so much for being a part of this hop and for the giveaway.

Happy Holidays,

michelle130 said...

This look a lovely book.

Roberta said...

This looks like a cute book!
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Darlene said...

This sounds like such a sweet Christmas story! These types of books that teach life lessons are the ones that I search for. Thanks for the giveaway!

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Darlene said...

+1 for sharing:

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Beckey said...

This sounds like an endearing story. Thanks for sharing the great post.

Happy Holidays

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Sherrill Cannon said...

Thank you to all for the nice comments. I wish I could just send everyone a copy!! Thank you also, Linda, for allowing me to share my book with others. Please know that that Santa's Birthday Gift is included in the CureJM Fundraiser, where 50% of the cost of the books goes to the CureJM Foundation found at: Their is also a video at if you care to know more. Santa's Birthday Gift is $11.50. If any of you purchase one, please let me know!! Sherrill

Tressa said...

Thanks for the interview and giveawy! This book looks like something I would love to read with my kids.

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beemama said...

What a wonderful idea for a story!!!
Thank you for the wonderful interview. Also thank you for the book giveaway.

Sherrill Cannon said...

Thank all of you for your participation. There are two winners: Darlene's Book Nook and Judy-Ree. Would each of you send me your mailing address, so that I can get the book in the mail to you? My email is Many thanks to all of you!!!