Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview with Christian Author Sharon Srock

Author Sharon Srock went from science fiction to Christian fiction at slightly less than warp speed. Twenty five years ago, she cut her writer's teeth on Star Trek fiction. Today, she writes inspirational stories that focus on ordinary women using their faith to accomplish extraordinary things. Sharon lives in the middle of “nowhere” Oklahoma with her husband and three very large dogs. She is the proud mother of six, the prouder grandmother of twenty, and the great grands are coming with three and counting!

Welcome back to my blog, Sharon. Pam is the third book in the series: “Women in Valley View.” Each book focuses on a new title character. Please tell us about your new book.

Pam’s story is about secrets and forgiveness, and the harm we do to ourselves when we carry these things around instead of giving them to God.

Where did you get your inspiration for this novel?

I’ve been divorced and I know the pain of ending something that was supposed to last a lifetime. I’ve also had to learn to forgive. I never faced any abuse on the scale that Pam did, but it made me wonder… Could I forgive if I had?

What kind of research did you do for this book?

I had to talk to a counselor. I needed to have legitimate reasons for Pam to act like she does in the early part of the story.

Your characters have a great sense of humor in your stories and I love it. Does it just come naturally for you to come up with comical things?

When it comes to my dialogue, I tend to write like I talk, with just a hint of sarcastic humor. I’m glad it works for my women, cause it usually just gets me in trouble.

Thank you, Sharon, for this wonderful interview. I hope my readers will check out your books. I read the second one in this series, which was a sweet romance, and totally loved it.

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Sharon Srock said...

Linda, thanks for having me back in your lovely blog.

Courtney Whisenant said...

Your inspiration for the novel made me tear up...I too know the pain of divorce and learning to forgive. I can't wait to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway :)
courtlawrence11 at gmail dot com

Sharon Srock said...

Courtney, It's a long journey, but worth it in the end.

Mary Brandis said...

I have read some Christian Fiction and enjoy the genre. A great change without profanity. I would like to read this book from the review it sounds like a true inspirational book for women. The author went through some of the pain of her own divorce which can be incorporated into the character Pam.

Sharon Srock said...

Mary, good luck in the drawing. I hope you find the time to read Pam's story, winner or not.

Shirley Strait said...

Thank you for the interview and the giveaway. I have enjoyed other books by you. I would love to read this one.

Sharon Srock said...

Shirley, thanks for readung. Good luck in the drawing.

Chelsea Hunter said...

This sounds like an amazing, but sad book!

Sharon Srock said...

Chelsea, Not completely sad. I hope you'll give it a try.

Sonja said...

I have one of Sharon's books and it is really good! Sonja dot Nishimoto at gmail dot com

Sharon Srock said...

Sonja, which one? So glad you enjoyed it. Good luck!