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Interview with Fantasy YA Author Andean White

For thirty-five years, Andean White worked in manufacturing management for some awesome organizations making interesting products. A couple years before retiring, Andean wrote a series of travel journals with a humorous under current. Several friends and family suggested he write some short stories based on the journals—that sparked an interest in writing. Among his interests, Andean enjoys biking, fishing, travel, woodworking, golf, classic cars, and of course writing.

Welcome to my blog, Andean. Please tell us about this Fantasy/Medieval Romance, Winter’s Thief.

Winter’s Thief is a medieval-like tale of a king’s secret adoption scheme to create an heir to the throne, as the queen cannot bear children. The story takes us into the lives of the characters providing security and those who wish to see the princess dead. Oscar, the captain of the guard, instrumental in the success of the king’s scheme, has second thoughts when his farmer son meets the princess several years later. Their budding romance struggles as they battle treason, spies, revenge, assassination, kidnapping, abduction, ambush, social class, beasts, and parents.

This tale sounds intriguing. Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

For Winter’s Thief, the idea came from a completely different source than other stories. Kathryn Elizabeth Jones, mentor turned editor, asked if I would write a page and a half story inspired by a card pulled randomly from a deck. The card contained a reproduction of the Bernardo Martorell painting titled Saint George Killing the Dragon—a castle, princess, knight, and a dragon. I was not thrilled with the assignment and put it off until a couple hours before our meeting. With little time to proof, I had to be at my best. It turned out pretty good. Over the next month Kathryn talked me into five pages, ten pages, a couple of chapters, and then a book.

That is so interesting. It was as if Kathryn had to encourage and pull this story out of you. Haha. What kind of research did you have to do?

Mostly I verified a few timing concerns. For example, the date linen was first used in clothing. Also checked the names of flowers, clergy apparel, and food. The story is loosely base on medieval life, but I took a few liberties, as it is a fantasy.

Please tell us about the main character in this story and what you love about him or her.

Oscar is the Captain of the Long Bows and the king’s most trusted knight—handling the king’s secret missions. He is bound by his oath to the king, and sacrifices time with his family to be strong, efficient, prepared, and deadly. His skills are tested on assignments from transporting a newborn princess to interrogating an enemy spy. The real test is coming as some of his secrets are about to be exposed.

And yet, he is not afraid to discuss his favorite color is green because it reminds him of Spring, a new beginning. He knows thoughts of his new beginning are in conflict with his oath and reality. Lost time with Abby, his sick wife, has him wondering how his son Kendrick will survive without a father.

I’m sure adults would enjoy this novel as well. Now it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

When I tell friends and former work associates that I am a writer, their faces have the strangest expression followed by “What did you say?” Then “Really?”

My former career was details, procedures, specifications, testing results, blue prints, budgets—you get the picture—technical, with a narrow range for creativity. I am happy to say Winter’s Thief, my second book has received good reviews from many of those same people who formerly asked “What did you say?” Thankfully, I can answer “Really!”

Haha! That is great. Thanks for this wonderful interview. For those interested, you may visit Andean’s website at


Lori Franklin Hopkins said...

This sounds like such an interesting and intriguing read. I love historical stories, even if they are fiction!

Kat said...

Sounds interesting! I think my daughter would love it...and maybe me too! Thanks
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Judy said...

Really enjoyed reading the interview and learning about you and your writing. I enjoy Fantasy genres and this looks like a very good book. Thanks for the giveaway.


nrlymrtl said...

Escaping the technical field to the realm of medieval fantasy is great! And the idea of pulling a random card and having to write a story based on it is also a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! My daughter and I read fantasy books together and always are interested in new stories. Thanks for the interview.

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Mary Preston said...

I'm looking forward to reading this. I do imagine that the research would have been fascinating.


Shirley Strait said...

That is quite the career shift! CONGRATS on being willing to try something different.
This sounds like a wonderful tale.
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Sandyjade V said...

My preteen is a fantasy & dragon lover. This book is perfect for her.

Sonja said...

Interesting story. Would like to read it.

Nancy said...

Yikes. That's quite a list of struggles. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

Ashley Jellison said...

This sounds really really interesting! I'll have to check it out! My email is pinto(dot)lover(dot)2(at)hotmail(dot)com

LAWonder said...

I love that time period!
I appreciate the interviews and giveaways!
Thank you.

bn100 said...

interesting inspiration

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Lisa And Randy said...

I love books that take place during the days of kings, plus ones that have intrigue and mystery. I enjoyed reading the interview also. I think both of my daughters would enjoy this book.

Kasee said...

I read a lot of medieval romance books, but have not tried one written as a fantasy. This book sounds terrific!

Shirley Strait said...

Thank you both for the interview and giveaway. This sounds like an interesting read.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Lisa and Randy. You are the winner of this wonderful YA book. I know you'll enjoy it.