Monday, June 29, 2015

Interview with Inspirational Romance Author Deborah M. Piccurelli

After years of reading books and watching movies with an element of romance, Deborah M. Piccurelli’s desire to write romance novels came naturally. She is active in her church and is an advocate for sanctity of life. Deborah is the author of two romantic suspense novels, a romantic novella and several cause-related newspaper articles. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and the New Jersey Society of Christian Writers. Deborah lives in New Jersey with her husband and their two sons.

This is such a touching love story. I loved the way Derek was so compassionate towards Charlotte, known as Charlie. His mannerisms toward her were so touching, yet masculine. Even though his main purpose was to make things right with her, their growing attraction for one another was the main focus of this story. I would most definitely pick this book up and read it again.” –Review by Author Linda Weaver Clarke

Welcome to my blog, Deborah. I love your book cover. Please tell us about your Inspirational Romance.

Here’s the back cover blurb for Love Comes Calling: The day new Christian, Derek Spencer, shows up on Charlie Parkes’s doorstep to make up for what he’d done, is the very day he falls in love with her. But Charlie’s sister mistakes him for a home improvement contractor, and he decides to play along until he finds a way to tell her who he really is.

Charlie is attracted to Derek, but knows the attention he pays her is only flattery. How could such a great-looking guy fall for someone with a face like hers? Nevertheless, the two form a relationship that brings a joy to Charlie that’s way beyond her wildest dreams. But what will happen when Derek’s true identity is revealed?

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

Well, I dislike saying this, because we writers always want our readers to think we get our stories by some great inspiration, but, for this novella, everything was strictly made up for a purpose. By that I mean that some years ago, a well-known publisher had advertised that they would be accepting submissions for four different anthologies. Each one had a specific theme. I chose the one called, “A well-kept secret.” I had to come up with a story to fit that theme, and I devised the plot for Love Comes Calling.

After somewhere from 3-6 months of writing it, I submitted it on the first day they were accepting submissions. The next day, I received an email from the publisher saying they had decided not to publish that particular anthology. Shortly after that, I heard they had stopped doing anthologies altogether. So this novella had been sitting around for a long, long time until I heard that Prism was running a contest. I submitted, became one of three winners, submitted the full manuscript and was ultimately offered a contract. I praise God for Prism and for how it all came about!

I’m so glad that you were accepted because I totally enjoyed your book. What kind of research did you have to do?

Since I knew very little about ballet, I did some online research on that. And if I remember correctly, I may have made a phone call to a home improvement contractor with questions on the type of work Derek and Greg were doing in Charlie’s basement.

Please tell us about the main character in this story and what you love about him or her.

Charlotte Parkes, nicknamed Charlie, is a very strong woman, yet, a little insecure, at times. But she is also strong in the Lord. Derek doesn’t realize it, but she had already forgiven him for what he did to her before they even met.

The story shows Charlie’s resourcefulness. Since she cannot work in her chosen profession, she contributes to household finances through other talents and skills she possesses.

The two things I like best about Charlie is her loyalty, learned through growing up in a tight-knit family, and her determination. Though, at times, she may allow herself a short pity party, she never lets what happened to her keep her down.

Now it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

I guess I could say that, like Charlie, I am also loyal. If you tell me something in confidence, it will never go farther than that. Many times, I still won’t reveal a thing to anyone even if I wasn’t told it in confidence, because it’s not my place to do so. My husband never has to worry that when I’m with friends, I’ll talk about him the way some women do about their husbands. I just can’t do that! Not that there is anything to complain about, anyway, but I think you know what I mean.

That is so admirable. I also believe it’s important to treat our spouses with respect. Thanks for this awesome interview, Deborah.


Robin in NC said...

Very nice interview! I love the cover of LOVE COMES CALLING!! So pretty! Thanks for sharing the chance to win Linda & Deborah!

rw620 AT aol DOT com

Sonja said...

Nice reading about your Deborah and how your book came to be. I would love to read it.
Sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

Deborah Piccurelli said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement Robin and Sonja. And I want to thank Linda for hosting me here on her blog. She runs a great interview. Good questions! And speaking of questions, if anyone would like to know anything else about me or my books, feel free to ask.

Melanie Backus said...

Thank you for the wonderful interview and letting us get to know Deborah a little better. Loyalty is such an admirable quality. I would love to know more about Charlie! Thank you for the opportunity!

mauback55 at gmail dot com

Deborah Piccurelli said...

Melanie, thank you for your interest in Charlie! She is a very quiet young woman who used to be a ballerina in the Philadelphia Ballet...until a terrible auto accident. She can no longer dance, but being a resourceful woman, she can still earn a living. She and her sister, Jess, live together in their own house, just a few blocks away from their parents.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, I'd be happy to tell you.

deana dick said...

I really enjoyed the interview and getting to know you a little better. I can't wait to read about the dynamics that Charlie will experience. She sounds like a graceful but strong woman. I would love a chance to read this book and journey with Charlie. Deborah you are a new author to me, so is there other books I can find of yours to read? Will there be more of Charlie in upcoming books?


Linda Kish said...

I'd like to read this story. It sounds really interesting.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book. Wish I owned a kindle.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations to Melanie. You are the winner of this fabulous book. I know you'll enjoy this novel. I know I did.