Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with Poet and Author Amanda Leigh

Amanda is the author of two poetry collections, as well as a fiction novella titled My Heart is Yours. She is currently working on compiling and co - editing a collection of true stories from people with Cystinosis (a rare genetic condition that she herself has.) Shes also working on a YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy with a romance focus in it. Amanda adores reading, writing of many kinds, cooking, psychology, music, swimming and art. She has a cat named Sawyer - named after one of her favorite characters from the show Lost and is a bit of a chocoholic.

I am celebrating the art of POETRY this week! Welcome to my blog, Amanda. Please tell us about your book of poems called Thousands of Mornings.

Thank you so much for having me!! Thousands of Mornings is a collection about love, faith, friends, family, hope, nature and dreams. It is about our Thousands of Mornings and how we should cherish them.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

I get my inspiration for my poetry from real life events and things that happen to me. Or maybe an idea that came about because of a writing exercise. Like the poem Ill be sharing a piece of today, Broken Boys.

Racing Mindis a poem that I wrote because I couldnt get to sleep and so I wrote about the fact that I couldnt sleep and the reasons that I couldnt. My Ice Hillis inspired by when my cousin and I were going sledding but instead of snow the hill was entirely ice and we got stuck at the bottom of the hill. We both tried to climb it. I was writing about the literal experience as well as using it as a metaphor for overcoming adversity and obstacles in my/our lives.

Do your poems rhyme or are they free verse?

Ive done both when it comes to this question. I do tend to write in free verse a lot but I do also write poems that rhyme. Ive even written some according to specific structures. For example, haiku and acrostic. There are three haikus in Thousands of Mornings: The Simple Truth, Lostand Pain. Three other poems that rhyme are Time, Slipped Awayand Dark Love. There may be more that Im just forgetting.

Will you please give us a sample of your favorite poem in this book?

This is a verse from the poem, Broken Boys. This has always been one of my favorites in the book. I also love the title poem, Thousands of Mornings(as well as several others) but this is one that I particularly love. It came out of an exercise that we did in Poetry class. To write a poem with two Points of View in it.

Go back to him, if you cant decide.

(But I dont want to lose you)

Make up your mind.

Who do you love?

Choose now, or go.

Now its time to tell us something about the real you that well never forget.

I have a rare genetic condition called Nephropathic Cystinosis. When I was born, the prognosis for people with my condition was not good. Doctors told my parents to expect me to not live to see 16. Im going to be 25 years old soon.

Thank you so much for letting me join you on your blog today!! I really appreciate it and I love to see the art of poetry celebrated. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!!

Thank you, Amanda, for this wonderful interview. And thank you for sharing a part of your life that is very tender. You have reminded me that we should be grateful for each day of our lives. We should not take our life for granted but cherish it.


Diane Dean White said...

Lovely book, Amanda.
Poetry is so soothing to the soul, and
writing it helps to release so many inner
thoughts. Continued blessings on your writing. :)

Reba said...

Great interview, Amanda! Glad the prognosis for Cystinosis shines a little brighter!

Sonja said...

Treasuring each moment is a great reminder to everyone. I lost my father 3 weeks ago tonight and I miss those moments and will try to remember the wonderful ones we had.

debbie curto said...

would love to win this book. I collect poems, I got this from my grandma

Amanda Leigh said...

{Not an entry, obviously.} Thank you for having me on your blog for an interview, Linda!! And thank you everyone for your comments!! Poetry is a wonderful art form. I've loved it since I was a little girl. And treasuring each moment is a wonderful thing to remember. <3 Thank you, also, for the continued blessings in my writing. :)

Stacy West-Ford said...

Great interview Amanda! I fell in love with poetry as a little girl when my mom would read it to me. I continued to read poems that touched me deeply and even wrote a few after I lost my parents just after my sixteenth birthday. Amanda, you are so very talented and inspiring. <3 I'm also so glad that the prognosis for Cystinosis is so much better than it was when you were diagnosed. I have Lupus and I battle with it ongoing. And, although there is no cure and your quality of life can be altered extremely, the life expectancy has gone up from your 30's. May you continue to be inspired and be blessed in every way! <3

Anonymous said...

I love poems. They put me in a world of my own when I read them. Thanks for this interview.

Melanie Backus said...

Thank you for a great interview and featuring this wonderful book. Poetry speaks to my soul.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

I just picked a winner for this wonderful book of poetry and it is Debbie Curto. Congratulations! I know you'll enjoy it.