Monday, May 16, 2016

Interview with Comedy Romance Author Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams is a former radio announcer turned stay at home mom/freelance writer/author. She has written a dozen books including Someone Always Loved You, Accept this Dandelion, Dandelions on the Road, After the Final Dandelion and others. Brooke has been married to her husband Sean since 2002 and they have two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.

Welcome back to my blog, Brooke. Your books are full of humor. That’s what I love about them. Please tell us about your new book, After the Final Dandelion.

This book is the third in the Dandelion series. It can be read alone, but it’s probably more fun to read the other two books first. In the first book, we follow the story of one couple. In the second, another couple. In this book, we get to see what happens to both couples and there’s even a wedding. I won’t go into details, but like in the other two books, nothing goes right…in a hilarious way!

This is a series of books called The Dandelion Series. What got your interest in having a dating show for your storyline?

I really enjoy The Bachelor TV show and I’ve often wondered what the show would be like if someone like me was on it. Someone who doesn’t do things quite right…ever. Someone who doesn’t like dressing up and wearing makeup. Someone who speaks her mind instead of trying to fit in. So the storyline is based on that idea. A local version of the Bachelor TV show with down to earth people who mess up…a lot!

This third book is about the two contestants and what happens after they fall in love. What made you decide to do a follow up on the last two ladies?

When I wrote the first book, “Accept this Dandelion,” I had NO idea it would turn into a series. When it was complete, one of the contestants started to bug me about writing HER love story. So then came the second book. After that, I started having wedding ideas and I had to form them into a book. These were the perfect characters to work with. They were already in love and ready to roll!

Do you consider your female characters to be strong and determined or meek yet spirited?

I’d say mostly strong, determined and spirited. At least where Renee Lockhart is concerned. Eva is a little more meek, but still has plenty of determination as well. I often write stubborn female characters who know what they want, but aren’t sure how to get it.

Where can my readers find you online?

My website is and I have a blog there as well that you can sign up to receive by email. I’m on facebook too:

Thank you for this great interview, Brooke. I hope my followers will check out this series. Here is where you can read about them below.


Diane Dean White said...

Nice interview, Linda and Brooke.
Your new release sounds like a sweet
story...keep writing! :)

Nancy Luebke said...

I like that you have humor in your stories. Thanks for this opportunity.

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Sonja said...

Your characters sound really fun. This sounds like my kind of story! sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

beachgirl0323 said...

I would love to read this book, thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

beachgirl0323 said...

Thank you for the chance to win this book it looks really good.

Kreaka said...

I would definitely read this series. I love where your inspiration comes from. I did not get into that television show but I have seen other dating shows (especially on MTV, lol) and I know they get addicting. I like that this is a local version, because we all know that on TV they only pick the "perfect" people to star.

Also, I think it is so cool that you were a radio announcer! Not everyone gets that opportunity.

Katie Watkins said...

I've never watched more than part of one episode of The Bachelor, but I LOVE books with this premise. I love how you wrote it around "normal" people. Great interview! lilacqueen75(at)gmail(dot)com

Rhi said...

Great interview. These books sound really interesting. I'll have to give them a try.

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I read Accept This Dandelion and loved it. I would love to read this book. I'm sure it would be just as much fun.

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interesting sounding

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Gail Pallotta said...

I've read After the Final Dandelion and enjoyed it. It's a light, fun read.

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Thank you for your great interview and giveaway opportunity.

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What a wonderful book for summer reading! Thanks for the great giveaway. bhometchko(at)hotmail(dot)com

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations to Nancy Luebke. You are the winner of this humorous book. I know you'll enjoy it.