Monday, June 27, 2016

Interview with Authors Kathryn Elizabeth Jones & M. Celeste Martin

Kathryn has been a published book writer since 2002, but this is the first time she's worked with another author in producing a book. It was great bouncing ideas off her dearest friend, Celeste, working through the chapters together and digging deep. She is the owner of Idea Creations Press. Along with her husband, Doug, she helps other writers write, publish and promote their work.

Celeste was born and raised in California. She has been married to her sweetheart, Chris, for 33 years. They have two amazing children. Celeste is creator and owner of MAX 4 Creations and loves to assist people in finding and move toward their goals. Sharing her love of life and faith through her voice, both singing and speaking is her passion. She also is working alongside her husband in their networking business.

Welcome back to my blog, Kathryn. Celeste, you’re new to my blog. Please tell us about your new book, Heaven 24/7: Living in the Light.

Kathryn: So many of us want to work through our insecurities, our mistakes, our struggles, but find it difficult to do so. In Heaven 24/7, get the chance to learn as well as participate in the best life possible. Reflect. Write. Learn how to experience heaven 24/7 today.

Each chapter begins with a parable. Could you please give us an example of this?

Kathryn: Sure. This excerpt is from the first chapter entitled, "A Stone."

Imagine that you are at a great lake, and that on this lake are beauties to behold. Large aspens, yellow and purple wildflowers; the best and most refreshing breeze possible is caressing your face.
You are not alone at this lake. You are standing by the water, looking out into the distance, feeling the breeze, smelling the mountain air. It feels like heaven.
Someone is suddenly beside you.
You don't look at him at first, it's almost as if you can't look, but you feel him there and you know he is looking out at the lake as you are.
That's when you first notice the rock.
The rock is smooth and fits within the palm of your hand. It is black. It is dark. It feels heavier than it should.
"I can take the rock if you'd like me to," says God. "You just need to hand it to me."
But you don't know if you can. You are thinking about the pain your sister caused you just last week; the moment your husband confessed the lie, the time your mother forgot you.
"Can't I just throw it into the water?" you ask.
"No," says God.
"I feel like hitting her with it," you say.
"I know," says God.
"I don't know if I can let go of it."
"I am here," says God, "when you're ready."
We all carry stones. No, I'm not talking about gallstones, or kidney stones (though we may have the unpleasant misfortune of traveling there for a time). We might even be carrying milestones, especially if we're one of those people who likes to take stock of where we are in our life and where we're heading, but these stones, if you'll pardon the fun, are stones we carry inside ourselves that no doctor can see, no foot can kick or remove or throw.
They can only be removed by God.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

Celeste: Well, it literally came at a local Village Inn while Kathryn and I were having lunch. We love to get together and discuss our lives and experiences and be dear friends. We were having such a discussion when out popped the thought of what it would be like to live in Heaven 24/7. Then came the reality that we do. We are living on this earth, amongst the eternities. We decided to share our experiences of life that has proven that to us in our lives.

What kind of research did you do?

Celeste: For me, 60 years of living! Less years for Kathryn, yet just as vital. Life is the great teacher.

Where can my readers find you online?


Thank you for this interview Kathryn and Celeste. I hope my readers check out this book.


Melanie Backus said...

Sounds like a must read! Thank you! mauback55 at gmail dot com

Melanie Backus said...

Sounds like a must read! Thank you! mauback55 at gmail dot com

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

We've received many positive comments about this book. Thank you, Melanie, for commenting.

Sonja said...

That was an interesting interview and your book sounds very interesting. Thanks for the chance to win, Kathryn!
sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot dom

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

You're welcome, Sonja!

Linda Moffitt said...

Looks like a great book Thanks for sharing it Linda iamabho (@) gmail . com

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

Thanks for entering, Linda!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations to Sonja. Kathryn E. Jones has picked you as the winner. I know you'll enjoy this book.