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Fantasy, Magic, Romance, and Mystery!

Fantasy has become one of the most popular genres because you are taken into a completely new world. A world of magic and mystery, where almost anything can happen! In The Isian Series by Serena Clarke, we have a tender love story, an enchanting kingdom, and mystical creatures that reside in the forests.

The Treasure of Isian is the first book in the series. Prince Garin is a brave, proud, adventure-seeking prince. Elani is his most trusted servant and she would do anything for him. Their quest to find the mystical Treasure of Isian is immediately interrupted and they find themselves confronted by giants, elves, dragons, and a vengeful water-witch. Elani must face her greatest fears to save her prince and her kingdom. Will they be able to make a great sacrifice to save the kingdom?

The Treasure of Isian was a stirring tale of an enchanted servant and a handsome prince. The adventures they face together as they search for the fabled treasure of Isian that will grant the bearer any wish they desire. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. The author did a wonderful job pacing the story and connecting me to the characters. Superb story that brought a smile to my face and helped me remember that sometimes, we can overlook the most valuable treasures in life if we’re not careful.” --Author Charissa Stastny

In the second book, The Alliance of Isian, the queen decides to make an alliance with their long time enemies.  Isian sends a proposal, offering their daughter to the prince, in order to ensure an alliance. Princess Gabrielle and Prince Alec must learn to work together and trust each other in order to triumph in the approaching war. With a mysterious beast attacking the kingdom, their lives in danger, and overcoming their vast cultural differences, will love grow despite their trials?

This fantasy has magic and mythical creatures, but it also has a beautiful love story where Alec and Gabrielle have to learn to understand one another because their society and culture is so unlike their own. Cheryl Larson wrote: “I am always intrigued by stories of arranged marriages and how they turn to marriages filled with love. There is plenty of action and intrigue in the storyline.”

The Secret of Isian is the last book in this series. Many prophecies have been uttered about the impending war and those who will seek to stop it. With the war finally upon them, Rimelda, a talented seer, has heard the prophecies and believes she can help. Prince Ander, doubtful of her abilities and her true intensions, but determined to save his kingdom accepts her help and they proceed on a quest to end the war. Hindered by enemies as well as their own doubts, Ander and Rimelda must search for guidance in unlikely places and unravel the mysteries of the prophecies. With the world shrouded in darkness, will Ander accept his destiny in time to save the kingdoms and will he admit his true feelings for Rimelda?

The Secret of Isian is a fast moving tale. Not only does it have romance, but also lots of action, intrigue, and battles as the characters make their trek to save the kingdom. While Prince Ander learns to accept his destiny, he also realizes that his love for Rimelda is growing day by day. For the first time in his life, he has met his match! She is spunky, obstinate, and frustrating…but at the same time, she intrigues Ander because she demands respect. Even from the prince!” –Author Linda Weaver Clarke

About Author:

Serena Clarke is from Sunny Southern Utah and has taken several writing classes in college. She loves fantasy with a dash of romance. Serena has a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and is a member of the Red Mountain Shadows Publishing team. She not only is an author, but also creates book covers for authors. She is passionate about learning, education, art and design.

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molli said...

i really love books that explore an echange of power like servants and masters or boss and employee....

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Oh all the paranormal creatures! A prince, adventure and paranormal creatures! I'm sold lol thanks so much for the chance! My email is

SueFitz said...

They all sound interesting - haven't ready any of the genre before

Mary @SweepingMe said...

I love that its the first in the series. I hate reading the third and then finding out that it had a beginning. I also, love that their are dragon and elves in it. Sounds like a great book!

Happy Holidays!

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Edye Nicole said...

These books all sound lovely! I'd share this with my grandmother who loves to read as well. Merry Christmas :)


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I great cover grabs my attention.

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Jana Leah B said...

This sounds like a great series. The Alliance of Isian caught my attention with it's love story & all the mythical creatures. I love my fantasy mixed with romance.

Unknown said...

I am intrigued by the entire series. The change in the characters throughout but honestly you had me at dragons. They sound very interesting and right up my alley.

Holly Biggs said...

All 3 sound amazing! What really grabbed my interest is the fantasy aspect. I tend to lean towards books with magic and mystic creatures. I also like that the lead character may be a female who has to realize her worth and overcome extremely hard challenges in order to save the ones she loves.

Thanks for eh awesome giveaway! I would love to add these to my shelves at home and read them with my daughter. My email address is:


Nicky232807 said...

I love fantasy! I really love how they go beyond what could possibly be real and bring u to a whole different place. It really keeps u on the edge of your seat. I love the idea of the dragons elves and water witch..these books sounds really interesting!

BookLady said...

What a fascinating series! The Alliance of Isian caught my attention with its combination of fantasy and love story. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Leela said...

I like love stories.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations to Holly Biggs! You are the winner of this awesome fantasy series.