Monday, March 26, 2018

Interview with Children’s Author Laurisa White Reyes

Laurisa is the former Editor-in-Chief of Middle Shelf Magazine and former editor for Maple Tree Press and Xchyler Publishing. She is currently the Senior Editor of Skyrocket Press. She teaches English composition at College of the Canyons in So. California. Prior to becoming an editor and novelist, she wrote for The Signal Newspaper, Antelope Valley Press, The Link Homeschool Newspaper, and Santa Clarita Valley Magazine.

Laurisa has been a presenter at the California Homeschool Network's Family Expo numerous times, as well as at dozens of schools and private organizations throughout California and Utah.

Welcome to my blog, Laurisa. Please tell us what Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy! is about.

Mickey Malloy is just your average kid who loves comic books and superheroes. When a mysterious package arrives with his name on it, he finds a strange contraption inside. Urged on by his friend, Juanita, Mickey pushes the thing’s button and gets ZZZZZZAPPED! Suddenly, he isn’t a normal kid anymore, he’s Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy! The human magnet! But what seems like an awesome superpower gets Mickey into more trouble than he could possibly imagine.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

Thanks for having me, Linda. The short answer is that Mickey Malloy was written to entertain my own kids. I’ve written twelve published novels so far, and before sending them out into the world for others to enjoy, each had to pass the Reyes Kid Test. Several of my kids (there are five of them) grew up reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. They loved the illustrations and the silly humor. Mickey came into being with that in mind.

I love the "Reyes Kid Test" idea. What ages would be interested in this book?

Ages 6 – 9 is the ideal, though younger kids love having the book read out loud to them. And older kids can easily read this in a single sitting.

Tell me about the main character and what you love about him?

Mickey is like so many boys. He’d rather spend his weekends lying in bed reading a comic book or playing video games. He dreams of being a superhero. But then when his chance finally comes, everything goes wrong. (In hilarious ways, of course.) Despite all his mishaps, though, he has a good heart and finally gets to use his power to come to someone’s rescue, though even that doesn’t turn out quite like he would have planned.

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Thank you for this interview, Laurisa. I really appreciate it. I hope my readers will check out your books.


jean602 said...

Sounds like a cute book.My grandaughter would enjoy it.

Nancy Luebke said...

Sounds like a fun book my grandchildren would enjoy. Thanks for this opportunity. jluebke(at)frontier(dot)com

Library Lady said...

What a wonderful addition to the church library this book will be.
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.
Janet E.

clenna said...

I would love to give this to my granddaughter who loved Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Thank you for the chance.

Laurisa White Reyes said...

Thanks everyone! So glad you like the book!

Laurisa White Reyes said...

Congratulations, Janet E.! You've won a copy of MICKEY MALLOY, WONDER BOY! Look for an email announcement!