Monday, July 23, 2018

Historical Romance Reflects the Mood of the “Roaring Twenties”

The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of great change, when women raised their hemlines and bobbed their hair. It was a time of independence, courage, and adventure.

In the 1920s, the new generation spoke a language their parents didn’t understand. They used words like: Cat’s pajamas! Ah, horsefeathers! Baloney! When referring to a woman, they used doll and tomato. When a person was in love, he was goofy. And when a woman was not in the mood for kissing, she would say, “The bank’s closed.” Elena, Woman of Courage: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho creates the mood of the “roaring twenties” and is filled with sweet romance, courage, and humor.

Suko’s Notebook Reviews wrote: “Linda Weaver Clarke is outstanding at presenting the characters' thoughts, especially when it comes to romance, and she captures the highs and lows of romantic life rather adeptly.”

When Elena Yeates settles into a small western town as the newest doctor, a few problems arise. The town is not ready for a female doctor, let alone one so strong and independent. She must struggle against the prejudice to establish her new practice. As she fights to prove herself, the town’s most eligible bachelor finds it a challenge to see if he can win her heart. When you mix a happy-go-lucky bachelor with a roaring 20s woman, you have Elena, Woman of Courage.

“Elena Woman of Courage is a wonderful book full of history, passion and romance, as well as a touch of suspense and humor,” wrote Kim Atchue-Cusella, Book Loons. “The characters are matched perfectly and it is sweet to watch romance develop between John and Elena.”

Elena is a courageous woman who went to college during a time when women were not encouraged to be educated beyond high school. The 1920s was a time of change when women began fighting for their rights. After getting her degree as a doctor, she moves to the West to set up her own practice. When she arrives in a small town in Idaho, she meets those who oppose her from day one, but Elena’s stubborn nature will not allow her to give up. In her fight for equality, she learns to love the people of Bear Lake Valley and realizes she has found a home at last.

Allison’s Attic Book Review, wrote: “Linda Weaver Clarke is an amazing author who writes visual and descriptive books. Elena, Woman of Courage is an amazing journey of visual reading that will take you to the lands of Idaho and transport you into the surroundings of the story. You feel you are living the life of the characters, as you get to know each character’s flaws and strengths. The love of a man and woman is only as strong as the bond and life they share together!”

Elena, Woman of Courage” can be purchased through local and online bookstores and soon to be on Audible audiobooks
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