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Interview with Fantasy Author Evelyn Uslar-Pietri and Book Giveaway

Evelyn Uslar-Pietri descends from a long line of authors, including her mother, father, and uncle, Arturo Uslar-Pietri. The latter - recognized in Wikipedia as one of Latin America’s foremost intellectuals and writers - declared that Evelyn would follow in his footsteps. Pirates Gold: Treasure to Die For is her first novel.

Hello Evelyn. Please tell us about your new book.

Although primarily targeted at young readers ages twelve and up, I think all thrill seekers will enjoy this action packed adventure. It’s brimming with hideous monsters, evil wizards, ancient curses, enchanting nymphs, unimaginable riches, and of course, pirates! I love crafting tales that keep readers unrelentingly riveted and entertained. But for me, a good book should also impart fundamental life lessons, particularly for young people. In Pirate’s Gold: Treasure to Die For, the main character – Captain Johnny B. Wilde – comes to learn the importance of friendship, selflessness, compassion, and just plain doing the right thing!

This sounds like my kind of book. I love adventures. Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

I am an avid reader, a lover of adventure, and a hopeless daydreamer! I’m very much in my element in Disney, so a book that launches readers into exciting new worlds is right up my alley!

Warning: Pirate’s Gold is not for the faint of heart… It’s a roller coaster of a ride that will plunge you into a world of dizzying adventure.” I love this statement. What kind of adventure are we talking about? I want to know more.

You can read an excerpt at my website:! It’ll give you a taste of the adventure! Also please know that when you buy the book you also help those in need - 20% of my earnings go to Hand of Hope and other charitable organizations.

I love your website. It’s so creative and original. What does your family think about your writing?

Thanks, I also think the website is great fun – particularly the About Us section! My family is my great earthly treasure – I thank God for them daily. They’re also my greatest fan club!

Hey, you can’t ask for a better fan club. Now it’s time to tell us something about the real you that we’ll never forget.

Well, I don’t know that you’ll never forget this (lol), but my love of travel probably stems from my childhood. Due to Dad’s work we left Venezuela when I was three and traveled the world: from Taiwan to Turkey, India to Denmark, Romania to France…and beyond! It was wonderful. In Taiwan we went to restaurants where you could pick the snake you wanted in your stir-fry – much like Red Lobster has their trademark lobster tank in the entrance. (No, I never ate snake!) In India, we barely escaped with our lives when, lost in the countryside, we were pursued by a band of ruthless mercenaries – surely one of the longest, darkest nights of our lives. And in Romania we experienced a devastating earthquake but in the process gained life-long friends. These and many other such experiences have fueled my imagination and shaped my writing; I thank God for them all.

Wow! You have had many adventures. You could write about each one and have your readers on the edge of their seats. Some people claim that snake tastes like chicken. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. I bet your autobiography would be so interesting to read. Thank you so much for this interview, Evelyn. For a real adventure, you should visit "Pirates Gold Treasure" at


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looks great and thanks for the giveaway!
what a pity! (I'm not from U.S./ Can)

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This books sounds perfect for both my Husband and myself. My husband loves these types of books and got me into them. Just because they are targeted for young readers doesn't mean older readers won't enjoy them! :) I'm looking forward to the chance to win it, but I'm heading to yor website now to check it out!

Thanks again, I loved the interview Linda and Evelyn

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I love Pirate stories! Please count me in for the giveaway thanks!


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This sounds like an absolutely fabulous book! I love the cover.

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wow when i went to school they were on the required list to read, thanks for having this tour.

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This does look very good. I also love pirate stories. Thanks for the giveaway.


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I love books about pirates!! I bet my son would love this one too. Great giveaway and wonderful interview!

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This book sounds like an exciting read. It's different from what I normally read but I'm ready to stretch out and try new genres.

Tracey D
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I love a good pirate read! This one sounds like it's full of adventure and excitement!
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Love pirate stories! Linda I could see you having your series do something pirate related!

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Oh, I love the location shot for the interview - sand and water.

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Great interview!

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I love pirate books and have eaten rattlesnake. Sounds like a fabulous read.


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sounds like a good book. im a hopeless daydreamer too haha

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I love pirate reads ! This sounds great! said...

Great interview. She does have a lovely website.

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Here's Mine. Hope you'll stop by and enter as well: Read Banned Books Week Hop and Giveaway

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I found your website through a random stroke of luck. It helped me do my research on this topic. I have spent lots of time looking through your site. You have something good going here, keep it up!

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I'm such a sucker for pirate books. This one sounds like it has a lot of action! *does happy dance* Please count me in for the giveaway!


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God bless!

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This sounds like a book my teenage son would like (me too for that matter). A pirate story filled with adventure that imparts fundamental life lessons as well. Hard to beat that!

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Anonymous said...

Just as a second comment. My 4,6 and 17 yr old children love to read as much as I. I am so amazed at your influences. Congradulations on your first book, it looks as if you may take young readers on many adventures for years to come! Blessings.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Jennifer Dove! You are the winner of this awesome book. I know you and your children will enjoy this so much. Remember, everyone, to stop by each week for a new book giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!! Evelyn and Linda for a forum to read about new and experienced authors and amazing books to come. I look forward to sharing this and many more from this with my kids!!