Monday, March 3, 2014

Interview with Adventure/Romance Author Larry Hammersley

Larry is 75, married to Sue for 51 years, has two children and five grandchildren. He has a BS in chemistry from Purdue University and MS in chemistry from Indiana University. He enjoys jogging, amateur radio, astronomy, occasional woodworking, is a teacher and song leader in church and has been writing for 38 years. He has several short romance stories at various sites on the Internet. He started out writing short science fiction stories and more recently sweet romance stories. His first accepted novel is a sweet romance, A Change of Heart, and his second novel is a science fiction entitled Higher Mission.

Welcome back to my blog, Larry. Your new book sounds very interesting. It’s a science fiction/romance thriller. This is what the novel is about:

Joe Cramer, a widower, takes on mining jobs in the solar system to finance medical treatment for his sick daughter, Cindy. Cramer, in his early 50s, is paired up with 35 year old Mona Watson who is already experienced in space missions herself. She is beautiful, arrogant, inconsistent, inflexible and argumentative. Despite that, Cramer’s feelings for her grow. They serve on several missions together and get into some “hot spots.”

Where did you get your inspiration for this novel, Larry?

I wrote a short story, which occurs in the novel as chapter one. I decided to expand it into a novel, and also, my love of astronomy and the writings of science fiction authors of years gone by. The main plot of this story, the protagonist’s Higher Mission for seeing to the needs of his permanently ill daughter, was inspired by mine and Sue’s first born child, Tisha, who was permanently ill and lived for fourteen years. Unlike Tisha, Cramer’s daughter, Cindy, is finally healed. The novel is dedicated to the memory of Tisha.

Wow! I bet this part of the story was quite emotional for you as an author. What kind of research did you do for this book?

I have an abundance of astronomy books and was able to access the Internet on the particulars of the planets, their moons and the star Sirius. I’ve done much reading in the past and have retained that. The earth scenes from the Ohio resort were easy as I’ve been there several times. Much of the artist’s paintings are accurate and my descriptions are based on that as well as space probes and telescope findings.

My husband is very interested in astronomy, also. In each of your books, you enjoy adding a sweet romance. What intrigues you most about writing “clean” love stories?

I enjoy the challenge of writing sweet romance stories because so many stories today are based on the physical aspect, something I don’t feel is long lasting. I believe the relationship between the hero and heroine is stronger when based on a “clean” interaction between man and woman.

I totally agree. That’s what lasts in a relationship. I hope my followers will check out this book. Thanks for this wonderful interview, Larry.


love to read said...

Sounds great most definitely going on my TBR pile
cjlps23 at gmail dot com

Miss Mae said...

Oh Larry, I'm thrilled that this book is coming to life and I LOVE your cover. It captures the adventure, the imagery, and the mystery of outer space. Congratulations, my friend! :)

And how touching to dedicate this book to your daughter. In this story, I'm glad to learn that the daughter is healed.

The very best to you! :)

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Larry and Linda,
Thank you for the interesting interview. I love Larry's interest in science and astronomy as well as his sweet romance stories. And how wonderful to dedicate the book to your daughter.

Sonja said...

Love to read books by new authors and would enjoy this different sounding book!

Larry Hammersley said...

Sorry I've not responded before now. Computer problems has prevented me from viewing my own interview. Love to Read I hope you enjoy my story and thanks for the comment. Miss Mae I like the cover too. It shows the toughness of Cramer and the presence of Mona, his partner and love interest. Also, thank you for helping with the links to my interview. Sonja I hope you enjoy my story. I really enjoyed writing it. Gail thank you for the kind remarks. I hope you like the story and I know you will give me feedback on it.

Laurean Brooks said...


Congratulations on a new release. From what I've read of "A Higher Mission," I think Science Fiction is your niche.

Your unique way of portraying characters through lively dialogue and creating vivid scenes, puts the reader into the scene, helps him or her experience it. Whether it be on a distant planet or at the ice rink.

Your knowledge of astronomy and chemistry is being put to good use. I'm truly impressed.

And the cover? Love it. Cramer and Mona look exactly like I imagined.

George said...

This sounds like a good story. I really enjoy good science fiction and astronomy and a good clean romance to boot. Good cover design. Best to you.

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Laurie: Thanks for your wonderful comments and your continued support of my writing. I'm still working on that SF story I started and let you read the opening. It stands at 32,000 words. Yes, the cover is really great. I believe this publisher knows their stuff on covers. George: Thanks for coming by. The romance between Cramer and Mona is of the sweet variety. Good luck to both of you on the drawing.

Gina said...

Great interview, Larry! Sounds like a wonderful book and I am looking forward to reading it. I agree the cover really is outstanding. Best of luck with your writing :-)

Linda, your blog is lovely. It is always enjoyable to visit!

Larry Hammersley said...

Regina and Anne thanks so much for coming by during my interview. I enjoyed writing this novel and the romance and excitement involved in the story line. I hope you both enjoy the novel. It took a lot of research to be accurate with the planets and the star voyage. That part was fun too.

Linda Swift said...

Hi Larry, I saw your post on the loop and just stopped by to say hello and wish you good luck with this latest book.
Oh,if we could just write a happy ending to real life stories as well as we can to our books. I'm sorry you lost your daughter and think this is a wonderful tribute to her memory.

Darcy Flynn said...

I left a comment from my phone, but it didn't show up so I'll try again. :)
Larry, I love your cover and look forward to readying your story. I too, love astronomy but in no way have the knowledge on the subject you obviously possess. Your story will be all the more entertaining because of it!
Best to A Higher Mission!

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Linda and Darcy: I'm so glad you stopped by my interview. It was my pleasure, Linda, to meet you in Paducah last year. Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I have another SF novel, unpublished, concerning healing a daughter. Darcy, it is good to hear of your interest in astronomy. I wanted to take an astronomy course while in college but couldn't work it in. I hope you both enjoy this novel. Good luck on the drawing.

Shirley Strait said...

I agree the cover is wonderful! This sounds like a great read. My husband and I both like a good SF read. We look forward to reading this one.
I really enjoyed the interview.

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Shirley: Thanks for stopping by. I've had a wonderful turn out for this interview, thanks to Linda. Several commenters will be in the drawing for this ebook. I enjoyed writing this story and hope you will like this adventure and sweet romance. Again, thanks Shirley for your interest and kind remarks.

Larry Hammersley said...

Linda asked me to add Anne Patrick's comment about this interview which she made on the Sweetest Romance yahoo group. Her comment was "Congratulations, Larry."

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Darcy Flynn! You're the winner of this awesome book. I know you'll enjoy it.