Monday, February 16, 2015

Interview with Romance Author Paige Timothy

Paige Timothy is the author of soon-to-be five romance novels in the Main Street Merchants series as part of the Sweet and Clean Romance Collection by Trifecta Books. Under another name, she’s written twenty-five other books in every genre from historical fiction to cozy mystery. She lives along the Wasatch Front with her husband, four children, and very spoiled little dog.

Welcome to my blog, Paige. Writing romance is a new genre for you. Where did you get your inspiration for this series?

Romance is new to me, definitely, although my other books have elements of romance in them. I just wanted to give something new a try, and to see about catching the wave that is sweet romance. It’s been a lot of fun. I get to do a lot of bantering between my characters, which is one of my favorite things to write.

Please give us a short synopsis of book one: And Something Blue.

Each of the books in this series takes place in one of the businesses along Main Street in the fictional town of Aspen Ridge, Colorado. In And Something Blue, we meet Laurie, who works at the bridal shop. She deals with temperamental brides and their equally temperamental mothers all day long, but in this story, it’s the brother she has to deal with. Sparks do fly.

Tell us about book two: For Love or Money.

Laurie’s roommate Morgan works at the bank, and hangs out with her best friend and fellow bank teller, Rory. When Rory’s grandmother falls ill, he goes home to South Dakota to be there for his family, and Morgan realizes that maybe he’s just a little bit more than a friend.

Now we want to learn about book three: Five Golden Rings.

Cara is the third roommate in this apartment, and she works at the jewelry store. She’s always loved singing and writing her own music, but she’s crippled by insecurity. She believes that she’ll never be good enough to perform for anyone but herself, but her life takes some amazing and unexpected twists and turns, and she learns that she’s so much more than she ever thought.

Please tell us about book four: Just Desserts.

Now we go across Main Street to D’Angelo’s Bakery, which is managed by Quinn. Mr. D’Angelo’s health has been poor for years, and Quinn spends all her time taking care of the bakery. So much time, in fact, that she doesn’t have much time for anything else. When a construction worker shows up to take her cake decorating class, she has to learn to put her critical nature aside and see past the scruffy beard and steel-toed boots to the person inside.

The fifth book in this series is now available. Please tell us about Between the Lines.

Between the Lines is about Regan, the fourth roommate in Laurie’s apartment. She works at the bookstore, and she’s decided that the only good romances are the ones that take place in fiction. She’s never had a real romance of her own, and while she’s happy that all her roommates have found love, she doesn’t think it will ever happen to her. But then she gets swept off her feet and up a mountain, where she learns in a moment of crisis that heroes are actually real.

Thank you for being a guest on my blog, Paige. I hope you visit again. You can learn more about her at


Charissa said...

These sound great, and I love, love, love the covers! They're so beautiful.

Sonja said...

These look like sweet romances and I am sure I would love each and every one. sonja dot nishimoto at

Gayle said...

I love sweet romances! I've seen these books online and have been wanting to try them out -- they all sound fabulous!

Shirley said...

This sounds like a wonderful series I love the sweet romances. Thank you both for the interview and the giveaway.

Robin in NC said...

This series sounds wonderful! It seems harder & harder to find sweet romances these days! Thanks for sharing!
Robin in NC rw620 at aol dot com

Linda Kish said...

They all sound like sweet romances. And, the covers are great, too.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great series, but I don't own an e-reader.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love sweet romances. I read And Something Blue and enjoyed it.

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Katie W said...

I've read a couple of these and love them. So cute and romantic!

Unknown said...

I like the theme of these stories of each main character working in a different type of business along Main Street. I'm especially interested in the story that takes place in the bakery.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations, Charissa. I know you'll enjoy this book.