Monday, November 2, 2015

Interview with Author Jill Vanderwood

Jill Ammon Vanderwood is a mother and grandmother from Idaho. She is the published author of eight books. She had won numerous book awards including USA Book News Best Books Award, Indie Excellence Award, two Golden Quill Awards from the League of Utah Writers and The National Mom’s Choice Award.

Welcome back to my blog, Jill. Please tell us about your new book: Erase the Problem of Bullying.

Erase the Problem of Bullying is a nonfiction anthology published in August, 2015, through All Things That Matter Press. The book sections include: How Bullying Affected My Life; Stories from Bullies; Bullied for Sexual Orientation; Bullied Because of a Disability; Bullied Because of Race; Bullied Because of Religion; Learn From the Experts; Cyberbullying: Celebrities Share Their Stories About Being Bullied and The Unwritten Letter’s Project which tells about the founder of the Unwritten Letter’s Project and includes some of the contributor’s letters to their bullies.
Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

My granddaughter was having so much trouble with bullying that she came to me and asked if I would write a book about bullying. I was also bullied in school and thought it was a very good idea for a book

I totally agree with you. This is a subject that needs to be addressed in schools. What kind of research did you do for this book?

I posted on the Internet that I was looking for stories from people who were bullied. I got so many responses that I began the book. My next post was for celebrities who were bullied and I heard from a few more people. One interview was with twin psychics who were bullied because they were Korean adopted into an Italian, Catholic community in New York. These ladies are making their own TV show called Twin Tuition and introduced me to many of their celebrity friends.

Please give a few examples of bullying experts included in your book.

I have stories from juvenile court Judge Tom Jacobs who talks about cyberbullying. Izzy Kalman is the founder of Bullies 2 Buddies; Irene van der Zande is the founder of Kid Power and Matt Ivester is the founder of Juicy Campus and author of lol…OMG! I also interviewed William Preble from School Climate in Learning.

Please tell us a few examples of well-known people who were bullied that you included in this book.

I have interviewed celebrities such as NBA All Star, James Donaldson who nearly let bullying stand in the way of his basketball career.  Heba Salama, who was the winner of the Biggest Loser and Daniel Joseph Baker who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. We also hear from Hollywood Movie producer, Katherine Brooks who fled her home in Louisiana after word got around her school that she was in love with her best girlfriend.

Where can my readers find you online?

My book is available through and Amazon Kindle. You can find me at

Thank you so much for this awesome interview. I hope my readers will get your book and that it will help many children in this terrible predicament.


debbie curto said...

does this book address the issue of coaches being bullies. They are you know!

Diane Dean White said...

Hi Jill,
It amazes me how this has taken over and some schools can't
control it or realize it's happening. Where are the parents
and what are they teaching their children? I became aware of
this when our nephew's daughter was dealing with it, because
she is simply different. They moved to another area, yet I don't
think that's the answer, and now they're home-schooling. I feel
badly for kids who can't enjoy school, and it's in the grade
schools, not just upper education. Your book is a wonderful idea
and it sounds like your research is top notch. God continue to guide
you as you share with others. :)

Sonja said...

When my son was in school he had this problem, and we were so happy when friends stepped in. It's a real hard thing to go through. sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

Caroline said...

A serious problem in more than schools too. A definite real-world topic. Sounds like a good book to read!

Ashleigh Swerdfeger said...

Interesting and so relevant to society. My mom had to pull my brother out of school due to bullying. It is a serious problem. Luckily, we found a better school -b ut not everyone has that ability.

Jeanineitsme said...

I'm glad to see someone write about this problem. It affects so many children growing up!. Please add my to your giveaway list!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

We have two winners for this giveaway. Congratulations to Diane Dean White and Sonja Nishimoto. I know you'll enjoy this wonderful book. This is a very important subject that needs to be addressed.

Unknown said...

You are a winner of my book, Erase the Problem of Bullying. I will need your home address. Email --author Jill Vanderwood

Diane Dean White said...

Hi Linda,
Jill's book arrived today. I'm eager to start reading
it. I know how serious this problem is. She's tackled
an important issue. :)