Monday, November 23, 2015

Mystery on the Bayou is a Fun New Cozy

It’s time to get cozy once again with the Amelia Moore Detective Series. Louisiana, the land of bayous and gumbo! Crawdads, jambalaya, swamps, alligators, and plenty of Spanish moss hanging from the trees! Mystery on the Bayou, book six, blends a nice balance of mystery, intrigue, romance, and humor. Amelia Moore and Rick Bonito, two private eyes and a newly married couple, specialize in missing persons.

Mystery on the Bayou by Linda Weaver Clarke is a fun book with several surprises. It is an engaging, well-written story that moves the reader at a comfortable pace. If you like intrigue and mystery—this is a must read. The freshly married Amelia Moore and Rick Bonita are nearing the end of their honeymoon when they take a job to find an adopted son that may have a life threatening condition. Stealing a line from the book, “Well, we have a missing boy, gang members, a murder, a kidnapping, and Tom’s kayak floating down the bayou.” And that’s just for starters.” –Brad Andes, Author

Most mysteries delve into crime and “who-done-it,” but this series investigates the whereabouts of a missing person. Their cases have put them in some dangerous situations, but they always solve the case.

In Mystery on the Bayou, Amelia is approached by a woman who is concerned about the son she gave up for adoption sixteen years ago. Millie has been having nightmares that make her fear he is in danger. She petitioned the court to view the sealed records but was refused. Will Amelia and Rick be able to convince the courts to help them? If her son is in danger, will they get there in time?

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Clarke’s new cozy mystery story of Rick and Amelia (Book 6) including the fact that Amelia is now married to Rick and struggling to remember she is now Amelia Moore Bonito! Dedicated to “all of those who have had to deal with Marfan’s Syndrome”, the story centers on a search for an adopted child who is potentially suffering from this rare genetic disorder which can result in optical and cardiovascular problems and may be life-threatening. The story takes us into the Louisiana bayous, introduces us to Cajun food including crayfish, describes alligator life in the deep south, and even teaches us some interesting self-defense maneuvers for women!” –Sherrill Cannon, Author

As you follow Amelia in search for a missing teenager, you will also learn about Marfan’s Syndrome. You will find that it’s not as rare as many think. 

Author Linda Baten Johnson wrote: “Linda Weaver Clarke has done it again. She always provides a sweet romantic story, but one that teaches too. The subject matter in this book is Marfan's Syndrome and the story is set partially in Louisiana. I lived there for several years and Clarke's description of the bayous and the food made me want to return.”

About the Author
Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history and autobiography. She is the author of several historical sweet romances, a mystery/adventure series, a children’s book, and a cozy mystery series.

Mystery on the Bayou (ISBN-13: 978-1517574055, Red Mountain Shadows Publishing, 2015) can be found at local libraries or online bookstores.

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Unknown said...

Nice cover, Linda...and I love a good mystery.
Your plot sounds good and it does look like a
fire-side cozy read. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing Linda! Here's wishing you many sales!

Donna Hatch said...

How wonderful! It sounds like a great book!

Linda Moffitt said...

I read The Bali Mystery and really enjoyed it. I believe I like mysteries because I think I would make a good spy and like to try and figure out the mystery before I read the ending.

Laurean Brooks said...


It sounds like an intriguing story. Congratulations! Keep up the wonderful job. God bless you in everything you put your hand to.

Unknown said...

This sounds fascinating, informative & enjoyable. I was born in Louisiana & my childhood nickname was "Crayfish Sis". My older brother named me that because I was little, red & scratched with my fingernails as a baby.

Marfan's Syndrome is far too common. It's good that you are helping spread knowledge about this potentially lethal disease.

Best wishes on book sales.

I'm so happy to have discovered you. I love a prolific writer & will enjoy many of your books. I added them all to my Amazon wishlist.

J. Steve Miller said...

Congratulations on your new book! Can't wait to read it!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Congratulations to Linda Moffitt. You are the winner of my sixth book in this cozy mystery series. I hope you enjoy it very much.