Thursday, May 4, 2017

Interview with Fantasy Romance Author Anna Del C. Dye

Anna del C. has published eleven book to this date. Her Elf series, from where these audiobooks come, was her first attempt to write in a language foreign to her own. Trouble in the Elf City is Book Two of her Silent Warrior Trilogy. She lives in Taylorsville, Utah with her husband of thirty-nine years and her cat Honey. She has received many Awards for her books and stories she has written.  

Welcome to my blog, Anna. I'm quite impressed with Audible and have listened to several audiobooks through this Amazon company. It's so easy because I have the app downloaded on my smartphone. I just put on my earphones and listen. Please tell us about your audiobook, Trouble in the Elf City. What is it about?

To Achieve Peace, War is Oftentimes Inevitable...
In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond. 
One day the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race. Adren will have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world or the Silent Warrior could rescue them all. But, how can they asked him to protect them from an enemy he begged the elf to destroy? 

I love your book cover. Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

When I finished The Elf and the Princess, the characters kept putting different scenes into my mind until one day I just sat down and pieced them all together. The Elfs wanted my readers to know that they were proud of the fact that no one has ever attacked their fair city. And they wanted to give us a warning... complacence tends to make one careless and set all one holds dear in danger.  

Tell me about the main character and what you love about her?

Adren, as half-elf/half-mankind, is the best of both worlds. She has the finesse of the elfs and the knowledge of mankind which makes her strong and powerful. She isn't intimidated by anyone yet she keeps her femininity to show us that both can exist at the same time. She is respected, honored and loved by the elfs and she is feared and respected by mankind. All in all, she maintains a good balance with the talents life has given her.

Tell us about the narrator. Does he use different voices?

George Tintura, is the narrator of my elf series.   
He has a minor in music and a perfect ear. George is the only one I know who bought a tuning fork just to turn around and tune it himself. His excuse... "it wasn't tuned perfectly." He is the author of the beautiful music and voice in some of my book trailers, like book one of The Silent Warrior Trilogy, “The Elf and the Princess.”

He does a great job with the many characters in the stories and Trouble in the Elf City has many characters entwined in its pages. He makes a table where he puts the name of the character and who he wants them to sound like. Usually he molds the voices of my characters to those of an actor or actress with whom he is familiar.

That is so interesting. In other words, a narrator has to remember what voices he or she uses throughout the book. Where is your website and blog so my readers can check out your recent and past books that you have written? Also, give us the link to your audiobook.

Audible link to the first book of the Silent Warrior Trilogy: $13.96 
Amazon link

Audible link to the second book of the Silent Warrior Trilogy:  $13.96 
Amazon link

As always, I am thankful for your help in spreading the news about my work. Thank you, Linda.

Thank you for this interview, Anna. To listen to this audio book, one has to be a member of Audible, which is owned by Amazon.

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Sonja said...

I haven't read too much fantasy, but it sounds like a fun book! sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

Anna del C. Dye said...

Thank you Linda, for this great post and help with my work. :)

nrlymrtl said...

That's a great little book trailer. I like all the hand-drawn art. I'm a big fantasy fan so this series sounds right up my alley. nrlymrtl at gmail dot com
Thanks for the chance to win!

Krysykat said...

Awesome interview, the book sounds right up my alley, I love sci-fi/fantasy, they are my favorite genres :)


Edye Nicole said...

The cover is gorgeous!


Anna del C. Dye said...

Thank you, nrlymrti. All my books have black and white drawings in 10 chapter pages. My elf series has ten chapters in each seven books. My Royal Romancseries has more chapters but about the same 10 drawings per book.
Thanks, Krysykat, I did enjoyed the interview too.
Edye, the cover of all my elf books are water-colors, made for me by a dear friend, Lois Moore. They hang in my bedroom's wall. :)

Anna del C. Dye said...

Thank you to all who entered the contest.
The winner is nrlymrtl
Best to you all
Anan del C. Dye