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Cherished Romances by Colleen Reece

Best-selling Author Colleen L. Reece, 160+ published books with over six million copies sold, uses what she knows to lend authenticity to her novels. Her latest project is using her improved skills to revise out-of-print titles published more than thirty years ago.

Cherished Romances: Historical Series
Mystery, adventure, love, and inspiration

First two of six titles now available

In 1989, my novel, The Calling of Elizabeth Courtland, launched the Romance Reader flip book line. I later launched Barbour’s Heartsong Presents Book Club. Many award-winning titles followed. All are filled with excitement, suspense, laughter, and strong characters who face a multitude of challenges in order to find God, love, and happiness. They contain excitement, suspense, laughter, and tears. Characters learn that it is impossible to overcome adversity without God’s help.

Book #1, A Girl called Cricket. East is East and the West is Far Away. Haunted by tragedy and scandal, Charity Endicott and her millionaire grandfather leave Long Island in the 1920s. and search for peace on a Wyoming cattle/guest ranch. (Story based on author’s parents’ love and courtship.)

Book #2, Angel of the North. Can a life of service atone for a terrible wrong?
A remorseful young woman in the late 1890s seeks to overcome words spoken in a fit of anger. Words that drove away the man Evangeline Lawrence learned too late have captured her proud, rebellious heart. (Story based on true experiences of Colleen’s mother’s friend, who nursed in the Canadian wilderness decades ago).

#3, The Hills of Hope. World War I rages overseas and at home.  For Timothy Wainwright in the trenches. For Hope Farrell, facing banishment by a father obsessed with marrying her to a man she despises. A cry for help puts Timothy to the supreme test—and Spanish Influenza strikes fear into the hearts of those abroad and back home. Only God can heal bodies, minds, and souls. (True incidents from family members who lived during those heart-breaking days.)

#4, Legacy of Silver. War tears families apart. Silver Birches Plantation, Virginia, Civil War era. Silver Trevelyan firmly believes that God will drive the Northern aggressors from the South in short order. Zachary Stuart is a physician dedicated to saving lives. He refuses to join the Confederacy. Silver scorns him but when in danger, undertakes a tortuous journey seeking his protection. (Story includes incidents handed down by family members who served. Author’s father was from North Carolina.)

#5, Storm Clouds Over Chantel. Runaway bride seeks sanctuary in frontier Montana. Chantel Evans discovers her fiancĂ© is a scoundrel plotting with her stepmother to put her in a mental institution in order to claim Chantel’s inheritance. She flees from Boston, needing refuge. “Firebrand” Morgan wonders what will become of the Evans ranch if left to Chantel. It takes tragedy to turn hearts to God. (Research and visits to the “Big Sky” were invaluable.)

#6, To Love and Cherish. An embittered 1800s doctor hopes for peace in an isolated hamlet. “Dr. Luke” vows to never again practice medicine after betrayal by his fiancĂ©e and best friend. Yet how can he turn his back on Cherish Hathaway, victim of prejudice and superstition, after the moonshiner’s daughter saves Dr. Luke’s life? (Dad was from North Carolina, in the vicinity of the fictional town Stump Hollow and my long-held interest in medicine served me

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Sandra Nachlinger said...

I enjoyed your post about Colleen Reece. I've been lucky enough to be a student in her writing classes and enjoyed the benefit of her writing experience and expertise. All her books contain positive messages (without being preachy) and appeal to all ages.

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Colleen Reece really amazes me. She has written over 160 books. Her imagination is awesome and some of her books were inspired from real events. I know she has uplifted many readers.

Colleen L. Reece said...

Thanks, Sandy and Linda. You made my day!

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Shirley said...

I enjoyed the post. Colleen is one of my favorite authors.