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Romantic Cozy Mystery by Gail Pallotta

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The story behind Hair Calamities and Hot Cash, a 2019 Category Finalist in Humor / Comedy and a 2020 Book Awards Nominee by TopShelf Magazine, begins many years ago. It started in a small town at the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains, where my mother ran a beauty shop. Her salon doubled as a meeting place where customers who knew each other discussed how to make the latest recipe, what to do about world affairs and everything in between, including family relations, births, deaths and weddings. Clients planned showers, graduation parties and get-togethers for new neighbors while hair flew.

Mostly townspeople showed up, and the spirit of the community overflowed. The residents had disagreements, but they didn’t hate those who thought differently from them. They had close friends, acquaintances, people they tolerated and those they kept at a distance. As in most small environments, they gossiped and could be nosey. However, when someone grieved for a loved one, suffered from an illness or any other crisis, prayers went up and casseroles went out no matter whether the person was a best friend or someone held at a distance. They all were God’s children. The walls of Mother’s beauty shop echoed the spirit of the community, and I wanted to bring it back.

Book Blurb: “A comedic romp from small town to big city in search of missing money, hair catastrophes, and love. A truly fun read” --Cynthia Hickey, author of the Shady Acres Mystery series.

What happens when a New York stockbroker crashes his car into Eve Castleberry’s North Carolina beauty shop...on the same day the young widow’s defective hair products are causing wild hairdos? Soon Eve finds herself helping the handsome stranger hunt the thieves who stole his client’s cash...and hot on the trail of two of the F.B.I.’s most-wanted criminals! Romance blossoms amid danger, suspense and Eve’s hair-brained plan to get back the money.


A Five-Star Amazon Review:
“Things aren’t going right for the widow, Eve. Her hair products are faulty, and her clients are getting some quirky hair-doo results. What else can go wrong? Well, how about a broker, named Phillip, from the Big Apple, smashing his vehicle right into her salon? After the initial shock, Eve regains her composer and offers him coffee. Phillip obligingly aids her in swabbing up an overspill of soapsuds. Who would think love would be the verdict of this ‘hairy’ chain of events? The two pull together to find a missing large sum of money, as well as why Eve got botched hair products to begin with. Comical chaos flows effortlessly in this starry-eyed, humorous tale of misfortune surprisingly turning to serendipity. ‘Hair Calamities and Hot Cash’ is a fresh, cozy, romantic mystery by Gail Pallotta...every bit brilliant and complete with charm, excitement and wit.” --RJS

A Five-Bone Review from Spatzle Speaks:
“My mom adores alliteration so the title of this book tickles her fancy no end. Hair Calamities and Hot Cash is...full of adventure, comedy and suspense. Poor Eve Castleberry runs a North Carolina beauty shop. For some reason, this widow is finding her hair products are not doing what they are supposed to do with strange results. To top it off a New York stockbroker crashes his car into her salon and he’s on the hunt for criminals wanted by the FBI whole stole his client’s cash. Merry mayhem ensues and this is one delightful romantic comedy as the two work together to get the money and solve the riddle of what’s going wrong at her store. Writing witty comedy is an art and Gail Pallotta has it mastered in this novel. No cats or dogs but any book that makes my mom giggle is worthy of five bones!” --Spatzle

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Bio: Award-winning author Gail Pallotta is a wife, mom, swimmer and bargain shopper who loves God, beach sunsets and getting together with friends and family. Gail is a 2013 Grace Awards finalist, a 2017 Reader’s Favorite Book Award winner and a 2019 TopShelf Magazine Award finalist winner in the Humor /Comedy category. She has published six books, poems, short stories and two hundred articles. Some of her articles appear in anthologies while two are in museums. To learn more about Gail and her books, visit her website at http// 


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