Monday, April 15, 2019

Adventure, Mystery, and Romance

Chivalry, Romance, and Adventure! Historical romance is about the adventure of living in a different time period. It’s during a time period when men defended a lady’s honor. The women, on the other hand, were not frail by any means. During the late 1600s, Dorothea Scott, a lady of royalty, stood up for what she believed and spoke her mind. She stood on a tub and preached the gospel to the people, hoping to make a difference. I love strong women characters who fight for what they believe in. A story with a mixture of romance and adventure is intriguing and holds my interest. My favorite kind of love stories are about a couple who know they are meant for one another.

The Rebel Series, a Historical Romance, has a mixture of adventure and mystery. Each book, set in the late 1700s, is a love story about a young couple as they strive to help their fellowman. For those who enjoy strong women characters, all three books have this in common. They are independent women who are not afraid to express their opinion. The heroes in this series are rebels with a sense of justice. Young and old alike will enjoy the romance.

The Rebels of Cordovia: Centuries after the legendary Robin Hood, a group of men and women find themselves fighting for the same cause. In this battle for freedom, a tender love story begins to blossom. Daniel, a rogue and a leader of the Freemen, doesn’t realize that the sweet feminine woman he has met and is falling for happens to be the leader of Robin’s Rebels. Realizing the importance of uniting all the rebel groups, Daniel tries to recruit Robin’s Rebels but they refuse. Now he has to find a way to convince them. When he finds out the leader is actually a woman, what will his reaction be?

“I so enjoyed this fun book!  It has adventure, romance, a little mystery, and action.  No boring moments here. Placed back in the days of wicked and oppressive kings, the rebels work together for the freedoms of the common people.  Will they succeed against the governing forces? The romance is sweet and the action is plenty.” --Sunnie Reivews

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The Highwayman of Cordovia: With the help of a bold highwayman and a pastor’s daughter, they try to save their country from being taken over by a power-hungry leader. As they strive to stop the Kingmen and thwart their plans, Christine finds herself falling in love with Austin Knight. The only problem with their relationship is that she thinks he is her knight in shining armor instead of a highwayman. If she finds out his trade, what will her reaction be? As a pastor’s daughter, will love override her values?

“Christine and Austin’s story is truly amazing. When Austin and Christine meet again, the feelings they had as kids is still there. Christine is truly a remarkable person. When Austin starts to protect her, their relationship starts to grow. The characters in this book will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next.” --Debbie Jamieson

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The Fox of Cordovia: In this swashbuckling romance, a sinister plot has just been uncovered and its up to a former patriot and a young nurse to discover who is behind it. Caroline is engaged to the future mayor of Laketown, a man of influence and greatly respected. But all that changes when she overhears a conspiracy behind closed doors. After being discovered, she runs for her life. Caroline needs to report her findings, but whom can she trust? When she asks Jesse Conover for help, the adventure begins.

I loved this book. It is full of adventure, drama, intrigue and suspense. We've got kidnapping plots, pirate ships, daring rescues and romance. The author weaves an exciting tale and a sweet romance together in a way that will appeal to all readers.” --Inishowen CailĂ­n

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Sandy Klocinski said...

I think I would really enjoy The Rebels of Cordovia. Words that come to my mind are sweet, tenderhearted, innocent, heartwarming and inspirational. Looks like a well-paced tale to give me entertainment on a warm summer day at the beach. e-book format please

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Thanks for your comment, Sandy! I don't have your email. If you email me at lwc at, I'll give you an ebook of The Rebels of Cordovia for you to read. Happy Reading!