Monday, April 25, 2016

Interview with Inspirational Romance Author Diane Craver

Diane writes Amish romance, contemporary romance, inspirational romance, romantic suspense, historical fiction, and women’s fiction. Although she enjoyed being published with traditional houses, she made a decision to switch to self-publishing her fiction to have control over all aspects of publishing. But there’s more - she’s also a wife, mother to six children and grandmother to four grandchildren in southwestern Ohio! Diane’s dream vacation is going to the beach.

Welcome back to my blog, Diane. Please tell us about your new book.

I couldn’t say goodbye to the characters in my first Amish series, The Dreams of Plain Daughters, so they are included in my new series, The Bishop’s Daughters. I decided it would be fun to write about Luke’s sisters and his sister, Beth is a one of the main characters in my new release, Amish Baby Snatched. 

In this first book, I enjoyed writing about Englisher, Chloe Parrish, a new character, and her friendship with Beth. Their backgrounds are so different, but they still find a lot to share with each other because of their pregnancies. Chloe is single and considering adoption while Beth is looking forward to having her first baby.

During their prenatal visits, Chloe and Beth meet a new obstetrician, Dr. Tony  Cunningham. He becomes interested in the lovely Chloe. Tony and Chloe find themselves at crossroads in their lives—she’s torn about what to do about her baby, and Tony isn’t sure he wants to do Amish home births.

After a baby is kidnapped, anger explodes between Beth and Chloe.

It seems as if more and more Amish stories are coming about. What interests you the most about Amish stories?

Faith is an important part of Amish stories, so I love that aspect of them. I think my Amish novels appeal to many readers because they want stories that they feel comfortable in buying. They know Amish books are clean reads and are uplifting in content. Readers have expressed to me that they like it when I include Bible verses in my stores, and especially like how my characters handle their problems spiritually. Amish families have a closeness because they are not constantly texting, watching TV or on computers, so their simple lives interest a wide range of readers. 

What kind of research did you do for this book?

I did a lot of  research for this book because of the medical aspect. There is a tragic loss of a child in my book, so I researched the topic of stillborn deliveries. I share how it is difficult for the family, but also is a hard situation for the nurse-midwife and doctor. They become involved with delivering babies because of the miracle of life. When a baby dies, it is sad for them too.

Do you consider your female characters to be strong and determined or meek yet spirited?

In my romantic suspense, A Fiery Secret, my main character, Catherine Steel, was inspired by my daughter, Christina. She is a strong and determined woman. Another character, Miranda, a Down syndrome girl, is based loosely on our daughter, Amanda. Miranda is definitely no shrinking wall flower and is a feisty person. My female characters are strong and determined in all my novels.

Where can my readers find you online?

Diane’s Website:

Thank you very much for this wonderful interview. Amish stories are becoming more and more popular lately. I hope my followers will check out your book.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Interview with Sweet Romance Author Larry Hammersley

Larry has published three novels, one sweet romance A Change of Heart, and two science fiction stories, Higher Mission, and The Silver Dart.  He has several short stories, all sweet romances, at various websites.  He is married, age 77, has two children and six grandchildren.  Larry is active with the local church, amateur radio, jogging and some woodworking.  He has a B.S degree in chemistry from Purdue University and M.S. degree in chemistry from Indiana University.

Welcome back to my blog, Larry. Please tell us about your new book, The Shunammite Woman.

Thank you so much for having me, Linda. The Shunammite Woman lived in Bible times, during 895-884 BC according to my Holomon Bible which has dates at the bottom of every page.  She is described as a great woman, which can mean noble, mighty, intelligent, wealthy, understanding or wise.  The biblical account is in 2 Kings 4:8-37 and 2 Kings 8:1-6 which accounts for all those characteristics.  She is unnamed but I chose Bina, which has the meanings listed above.  I remain true to the scriptures where she meets the prophet Elisha and his servant, Gehazi.  Fictional portions include how she meets her elderly husband, the Israelite king Joram, and the Philistine king, Achish.  Because of the fictional elements I must extend her story to fifteen years rather than twelve years. I have verbal permission to include a poem by a long time preacher friend, Mr. Fred McKinney, entitled Just Like That Shunammite.

Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

I’ve read her story many times in the Old Testament and wanted to write about her because she is such a wonderful and righteous woman.  Her statement to Elisha when he asked her what he could do to repay her kindness to him has never ceased to amaze me.  She said, “I dwell among mine own people.”

What kind of research did you do for this book?

Besides the Holomon Bible, I consulted an old text “Lands of the Bible” by J.W. McGarvey who traveled those areas in the late 1800s.  I consulted Bible maps of that area as well.  I have included details in the front of the book complete with scripture references concerning King David, King Saul, King Solomon, Abishag and others who lived before and during that time period.

How would you describe your female character?

She respects her husband, but is clearly a strong and determined female character who takes charge and isn’t afraid to pursue what is right.

Where can my readers find you online?

My blog address is and email address is

My books can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Wild Rose Press, Wings ePress, Victory Tales Press and Champagne Books, Burst Imprint.  The Shunammite Woman can be found on Amazon and Createspace.

Thank you so much for this interview, Larry. This book sounds very intriguing. I hope my followers will check it out.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with Poet and Author Amanda Leigh

Amanda is the author of two poetry collections, as well as a fiction novella titled My Heart is Yours. She is currently working on compiling and co - editing a collection of true stories from people with Cystinosis (a rare genetic condition that she herself has.) Shes also working on a YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy with a romance focus in it. Amanda adores reading, writing of many kinds, cooking, psychology, music, swimming and art. She has a cat named Sawyer - named after one of her favorite characters from the show Lost and is a bit of a chocoholic.

I am celebrating the art of POETRY this week! Welcome to my blog, Amanda. Please tell us about your book of poems called Thousands of Mornings.

Thank you so much for having me!! Thousands of Mornings is a collection about love, faith, friends, family, hope, nature and dreams. It is about our Thousands of Mornings and how we should cherish them.

Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

I get my inspiration for my poetry from real life events and things that happen to me. Or maybe an idea that came about because of a writing exercise. Like the poem Ill be sharing a piece of today, Broken Boys.

Racing Mindis a poem that I wrote because I couldnt get to sleep and so I wrote about the fact that I couldnt sleep and the reasons that I couldnt. My Ice Hillis inspired by when my cousin and I were going sledding but instead of snow the hill was entirely ice and we got stuck at the bottom of the hill. We both tried to climb it. I was writing about the literal experience as well as using it as a metaphor for overcoming adversity and obstacles in my/our lives.

Do your poems rhyme or are they free verse?

Ive done both when it comes to this question. I do tend to write in free verse a lot but I do also write poems that rhyme. Ive even written some according to specific structures. For example, haiku and acrostic. There are three haikus in Thousands of Mornings: The Simple Truth, Lostand Pain. Three other poems that rhyme are Time, Slipped Awayand Dark Love. There may be more that Im just forgetting.

Will you please give us a sample of your favorite poem in this book?

This is a verse from the poem, Broken Boys. This has always been one of my favorites in the book. I also love the title poem, Thousands of Mornings(as well as several others) but this is one that I particularly love. It came out of an exercise that we did in Poetry class. To write a poem with two Points of View in it.

Go back to him, if you cant decide.

(But I dont want to lose you)

Make up your mind.

Who do you love?

Choose now, or go.

Now its time to tell us something about the real you that well never forget.

I have a rare genetic condition called Nephropathic Cystinosis. When I was born, the prognosis for people with my condition was not good. Doctors told my parents to expect me to not live to see 16. Im going to be 25 years old soon.

Thank you so much for letting me join you on your blog today!! I really appreciate it and I love to see the art of poetry celebrated. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!!

Thank you, Amanda, for this wonderful interview. And thank you for sharing a part of your life that is very tender. You have reminded me that we should be grateful for each day of our lives. We should not take our life for granted but cherish it.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Interview with Romance Author Regina Andrews

A resident of Providence, RI, Regina grew up in nearby Barrington. After graduating from Providence College she attended the University of Delaware, eventually earning her Master’s Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. She is inspired by anything to do with nature, and she and her husband enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod. Regina’s hobbies include Travel, Museums, Theater, Classical Music, Choral Singing and Gardening. She is a radio host for In-Sight, an association dedicated to providing services to the visually impaired of all ages.

Welcome back to my blog, Regina. Please tell us about your new book, Spotlight on Love.

This is a World War II romance with a timeless message of love. The walls close in around the hero and heroine on December 7, 1941 – Pearl Harbor Day. The hero, Red, is in the US Postal Service and is commissioned by the Army to serve in Africa. The heroine, Helen, is a nurse who decides to serve her country at this terrifying time. Here is the story blurb:

Ever-dutiful, Nurse Helen Middleton is a successful Emergency Room Supervisor at Rhode Island Hospital in December, 1941. To help her family through tough economic times, she has sacrificed her dreams of a singing career for steadier employment.
Things change when she meets William ‘Red’ Williamson, a dynamic and compelling man she finds irresistible. As they to get to know each other, Helen considers following her musical dreams and a new world of romance and song seems to be opening up to her. Then, the horrors of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 change the world and throw Red and Helen into the danger and chaos of wartime. Will Helen’s dreams be shattered by World War II or will the power of love triumph over all the obstacles in their way?”

Where did you get your inspiration for this historical romance?

I am so glad you asked me that question, Linda. SPOTLIGHT on LOVE is actually based on my parents’ love story. My mother was a nurse in World War II and my father coordinated the Postal Service in Algeria during the war. As a child (and older!) I listened to their stories over and over again.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

Many of the details about the war and the Army that my father and mother had relayed to me were historically accurate, but I had to check them out. Also, the medical care at that time had to be researched and I had to check into the geography, culture and climate of Africa. However, this is not a biography -- it is a work of fiction, so that provides some leeway with authenticity, and readers, I hope, will keep that in mind.

Do you consider your female characters to be strong and determined or meek yet spirited?

It takes a lot of courage to put your dreams on hold for the good of others. Putting yourself second is one of the strongest, bravest things a woman can do. For that reason, my leading female characters are strong and determined. Helen Middleton, I think, is a perfect example of this strength and determination.

Thank you for having me visit your blog! Next releases are DESTINY’S DESIGNS, IN GOOD FAITH and a brand-new work, book five in the Sterling Lakes Series: REFLECTIONS of LOVE. Look for them soon!

Where can my readers find you online?

Regina’s Website:

Thank you for this interesting interview, Regina. I hope my followers will check out your new novel.