Monday, September 14, 2020

A Children's Book Illustrated by the Reader!

About Brooke Sanchez
: Brooke Sanchez was born and raised in southern Utah. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Utah Valley University, majoring in Integrated Studies with emphases in English and Business Management. Brooke is a wife and mother to four children, who inspired her to write a children's book. Reading, napping, writing, The Beatles, binge watching TV series, and artificial intelligence are just some of Brooke's passions. Foogle and Me is Brooke’s first published book.


A new concept for children’s books: Brooke created the novel concept to allow readers to illustrate a book. Children are naturally inclined to draw. Illustrated by Me was created to allow children to stretch their creative minds to accomplish illustrating a book and taking part ownership in its completion.


About Foogle and Me: Foogle is a kind robot who is best friends with Me, the reader. As they play, their friendship seems to irritate Next Neighbor. Foogle and Me choose an act of kindness in response to Next Neighbor’s mumbles and grumbles.


Take a look at a page from my book, illustrated by four year old Winnie: 


*Illustration drawn on a red piece of construction paper (separate from book) and inserted in the page with photo corners (also separate from the book)*



In an unprecedented time of seclusion due to efforts to heal our pandemic-stricken world, find joy in exercising your creative talents by illustrating.


Thank you, Brooke, for visiting my blog. I read your book and believe it will help children to be more creative. 


You can buy Foogle and Me by Brooke Sanchez at Amazon.



Friday, September 11, 2020

THE DATING ITINERARY: Contemporary Comedy Romance

Book Giveaway and an Amazon gift card of $15


As if it wasn’t bad enough to be deemed the “most single person” at her magazine’s office, budding reporter Penny has now been tapped to write a series of features called “The Dating Game.” From speed dating to Tinder, old-fashioned matchmakers to up-and-coming “dark dating,” Penny now has to go on a lot of dates. Silver lining: meeting new people should be fun, right? But running into her old rival, George, at her first dating event is decidedly not. Not only does the arrogant know-it-all have zero trouble attracting women, wherever Penny goes, somehow he just. Keeps. Showing. Up.


Geo knows he’s right on the cusp of writing success with the chance to have his own syndicated column. All he has to do is follow his agent’s ideas for showcasing different dating avenues, and he’ll pull in enough to help his sister’s non-profit women’s shelter get off the ground. Sure, his itinerary is starting to look strangely similar to his old rival Penny’s, but all’s fair in love and syndication, right?


The more they look for love in all the wrong places, though, the more they start to wonder if it was right in front of their noses all along. Still, the brutal dating scene just might end them, if these two don’t kill each other first.



Brooke Williams is a former radio announcer turned stay-at-home mom/freelance writer/author. Brooke finds that creating fictional characters and placing them in odd situations is a bright spot in any day and so she continues to do so with fervor. She has been married to her husband, Sean, since 2002 and they have two beautiful daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie. Brooke’s books include: Someone Always Loved You, Wrong Place Right Time, Accept this Dandelion, Dandelions on the Road, Mamarazzi, and Shower in the Rain, among others.


The Giveaway is for an Ebook of Accept This Dandelion and for a $15 gift card.


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Friday, September 4, 2020

Jo Huddleston, Author of Sweet Southern Romances

EBook Giveaway: Sept 4 – 11: Anyone who comments will have a chance of winning Her Christmas Dream. A drawing will take place on the morning of the 12th.


Bio: Jo Huddleston is a multi-published author who writes novels inspired by her fascination with the 1950s and her love of her native American South. Novels in her endearing Caney Creek series, her West Virginia Mountains series, as well as her stand-alone release, Tidewater Summer, are sweet Southern historical romance novels. Visit Jo at her website (, where you can sign up for her mailing list and read for free the first chapters of her novels and novellas.


Blurb: A Christmas romance sprinkled with suspense!

In this sweet romance set in north Georgia, all Marilyn dreams of for Christmas is a relationship with someone who cares for her. Someone who really knows her. A stranger volunteers at the rescue shelter where Marilyn and her best friend George volunteer. George has concerns about Marilyn’s safety if she dates the stranger. When George becomes overprotective of her, will Marilyn choose the bad-boy-stranger or her best friend to spend Christmas with this year?


Read this 20th-century story to find out which one Marilyn chooses.


A Fun Character Interview:

I’m here at the Promise Rescue Shelter in White Pines, Georgia, for an interview with the shelter’s director, Miss Mabel Malcolm. I’m to meet her in her office.


JH: Good morning, Miss Malcolm. Is it convenient for us to talk now?


MM: Yes, of course. Please come in, have a seat.


JH: Thank you. How long have you been the director of this shelter?


MM: For ten years now. Before that, I was first a volunteer here as a teenager, then an hourly employee in my twenties.


JH: So, you grew up here in White Pines?


MM: Yes, I did.


JH: You must be doing an excellent job. As I walked through the front living area, several people there seemed content.


MM: Yes, we offer those without stable living conditions a place where they can feel secure and comfortable to spend a few hours each day. Of course, the meals we serve bring in the most numbers. Our local merchants support the shelter by donating clothing and shoes for our clothes closet, and they generously give to our budget.


JH: You mentioned you were a volunteer initially. Do you have volunteers now, or are all the folks working here on the payroll?


MM: We still have volunteer help who spend time here dictated by their schedules. We need volunteers for mealtimes, and also for giving our patrons attention as required.


JH: How many volunteers work here?


MM: At the moment, we have three volunteers—two who have helped us for many years, and one who just started and probably won’t stay here long.


JH: Does that last one you mentioned find the work undesirable? Is that why you think that person won’t be here long?


MM: Well, yes, and no. The young man does find the work here undesirable. He has a bad attitude, thinking the work here is beneath him…I just think he won’t be here long.


JH: You hesitated. Is there some other reason he’s not fitted for working here?


MM: I’m not at liberty to discuss that person any further.


JH: Very well. Then, can you please tell me a little about the other two volunteers you mentioned? What do they do? How many hours do they give to the shelter?


MM: The other two are Marilyn and George. They also grew up in White Pines and are delightful to have around. They show love for our clientele, who love George and Marilyn in return.


JH: Sounds like they’re cut out for this kind of work.


MM: Yes, they are. Their personalities lean toward helping others. They’re compassionate and patient toward those less fortunate than themselves. They both have careers, but they’re here all day every Saturday and usually a few hours after church on Sundays. I’m thankful for the help from both of them. I’d like for you to meet them but, unfortunately, it’s not the weekend and they’re not here.


JH: How old are these two volunteers?


MM: They’re both thirty years old, neither married. Like I said, they both grew up here, went to school together, even went off to Athens for college at the same place. The whole town expected them to marry each other by now, but they’re simply best friends.


JH: Interesting. But your brow creased there for a second. Do you have a concern for those two?


MM: Well, maybe off the record?


JH: Of course.


MM. The third volunteer we have—I think he’s a fly in the ointment. I’m afraid he’s worming his way between Marilyn and George. He’s flirting a lot with Marilyn. George is aware of this, and he doesn’t trust the new guy. He’s tried to warn Marilyn about dating him because we know so little about him, but she’s not listening. I think she’s flattered that someone as handsome as this new guy is interested in her. George and I try to watch out for Marilyn, but so far, she’s ignoring our advice.


JH: I can see where that is a concern.


MM: Christmas is almost here, and I’m afraid tensions may mount and spoil everybody’s holiday. But all I can do is stand by and watch and pray for all of them.


JH: Thank you, Miss Malcolm, for talking with me. I hope your fears about your volunteers don’t become a reality, and you have a very Merry Christmas.


MM: Merry Christmas to you as well.


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