Thursday, February 25, 2021

From One Small Garden

Lillian and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from checking off one item or other from their long to-do list. After moving to their dream location (in the Kootenay Region of BC, Canada), they have been methodically converting the abused lot over to the little park it has become – and in doing so have gained certification with bee, pollinator and wildlife organizations. Their home, too, has become energy efficient via the many upgrades they have done. Their business includes Dave’s music studio and percussion accessory products and graphic design work as well as numerous award-winning non-fiction books and popular blogs. Today we help them celebrate their latest book release - From One Small Garden, with over 300 delicious, nutritious recipes!


Dehydrating Garden Harvests


Owning a small dehydrator can avert a great deal of kitchen food waste, and you’ll never have to pass up people offering you their garden extras again. Also, leftovers from meals can be easily dehydrated and used later for on-the-go situations like backpacking or snowshoeing.


After dehydrating any vegetable, use a blender, or grinder, to create a fine powder, and store in separate jars. Every year we dehydrate at least one jar each of chopped sweet peppers, hot peppers and ripe tomatoes. If any recipe calls for chopped chilies or peppers, fresh or 'sun-dried' tomatoes, we can easily substitute with a dried version. We also have a jar of mixed vegetable powder; using a few teaspoons of this mixture in homemade stocks for more flavour or to help thicken and enrich stews and soups. Simply reconstitute powders by covering in a little boiled water for a few minutes. (Reserving any excess water to use as stock.)


Adding tomato powder to hamburger patties or meatballs makes for an entirely different, delicious experience. It also works as a fantastic thickener for salsas or tomato sauces that are a little too watery. Also, in a pinch, 1/4 cup of reconstitute tomato powder can be used in place of a small can of tomato paste.


Try rehydrating a few tablespoons of dry product with a small amount of water, making a paste to rub onto chicken breasts or roasts before cooking. Alternatively, add a little to store bought chicken coating mixes. In our latest release, a recipe collection of over 300 delicious, nutritious meals (From One Small Garden) we have a great recipe for making your own mix.


So, next time you see a great sale during peak harvest season, or a neighbor threatens to give you another box of vegetables, bring out the dehydrator and get it going!



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The Secret of Writing a Biography


Have you considered writing a biography of your parents, grandparents, or your own life story? Whether you’re writing a story about a loved one or your own autobiography, you want to make the story intriguing for your readers. But it seems overwhelming to you. Right?


If you have an interesting character to write about, an inspiring story to tell, and an intriguing incident to describe… perhaps writing their experiences as short stories would be easier for you. Each chapter could be a short story. Creating a short story for each chapter might be easier than beginning at birth and listing one thing after another chronologically. I have a few tips to help you. Visit my WordPress Author Blog to read the whole article and learn more.


Monday, February 15, 2021

Beloved of the Bridegroom: Mary Magdalene

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Jewel Adams is a wife, the mother of eight children, and a grandmother. She has been writing inspirational romance for over twenty years and has over forty published works. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker to both youth and adult audiences. 


Always one to share a message of God’s love through her stories, Jewel is a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She loves the Lord with all her heart and has experienced many blessings and miracles in her life because of that love, and she is secure in the knowledge of God’s love for her and all men. In her spare time, you can find Jewel curled up with a good book and a healthy stash of orange Tic Tacs. She and her family reside in Utah. 


Mary Magdalene: You think you know me. You may think you know my story. But you don’t. There have been many things said about me, about my life–things that have been taught and touted as truth, lies that have been received and then retaught as fact. It is a human weakness to accept writings of antiquity with assured certainty, never questioning the validity of said writings. As a result, the tangled web that is woven ensnares the mind and heart, leaving no room for question. Nor room for God’s answers.


To the world, my life is a mystery–a fabricated one, but a mystery, nonetheless. Only a precious enlightened few know my heart. And only they possess the gift of discernment to know what is real. As for the rest, allow me to humbly set the record straight. Some hearts may not be open to my words. But no matter. Hidden truths will always be brought to light. And my story has been suppressed long enough.


"Mary Magdalene: Beloved of the Bridegroom is a sweet novella that follows a possible life path of one of the bravest heroines of the Bible. Mary Magdalene is heroic and courageous, learning and growing through the course of this tender love story." ~Loralee Evans, author


This is not the only book that Jewel Adams has written about a noble female character from the Bible. After much research, she wrote a book called: Women of Wisdom: Courage and Virtue. This book is about the lives of four women whom she admired: Eve, Ruth, Esther, and Mary... the mother of the Savior. 


When asked why she wrote this book, Jewel said, “These four holy women have greatly influenced my own life, and thoughts of their examples touch me so much, I can hardly find the words to express my feelings. Each of them owns a special place in my heart, and I don’t even know where to begin to share it. This small booklet contains personal, spiritual thoughts about four righteous women in the Bible…why I love them, and how they touched my life.


Jewel has many fans. One of her readers wrote: “Please never cease to bless us with your amazing stories, full of true love and wisdom." - Janel, a fan


Check out Jewel Adam’s Website.