Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Destiny's Designs: An Inspirational Romance

Book Giveaway: April 15 – 30. To show her appreciation, Regina Andrews will give an ebook version of Destiny’s Designs to everyone who leaves a comment. In Regina’s “Guest Post,” she will tell you all about Destiny's Designs

This book actually won the first prize award for “Ebook of the Year” in a national contest a few years ago. Now Regina has updated it, and she is happy that it is available now in paperback.

Thank you so much for hosting me on your lovely blog. I am delighted to be here! It is so exciting to share Destiny's Designs with you and your readers.

Destiny's Designs is the first volume in a brand new series that I am writing called the  "Designs of Life" series. I am working on volume two now, called "The Designs of Providence."

Here is a blurb about Destiny's Designs, a Family-Friendly Romance.

Since experiencing a family tragedy as a young girl, maintaining control has been the focal point in every aspect of Lisa Machon’s life,  especially in her career.  She has carefully crafted every detail of her interior design business, which has led her to an incredible opportunity: planning the New Year’s gala for the wealthy Lamont family. But when Countess Lamont finds that her most treasured vase has been mysteriously broken, she is devastated. Her son, Neil, wants to do whatever it takes to make her happy, including finding a replacement vase. Lisa joins him, although she is wary of his carefree ways. In their quest to find a new vase, will Lisa allow herself to let go...and find true happiness with Neil?

Here is an interview that I arranged to have with the heroine of Destiny’s Designs, Lisa Machon!

RA: Today we are chatting with Lisa Machon, the heroine of Destiny’s Designs. Thanks, Lisa, for this interview. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself please?

LM: I am single, and I live in Newport, Rhode Island where I run my own interior design business called 'Innovations'.

RA: What is your most recent project?

LM: I was just selected to run the New Year’s Eve gala for a prominent social family in Newport.

RA: How is that going?

LM: It’s very exciting. I get along very well with the Countess, who selected me. Recently I was able to find a set of very rare vases for her which pleased her very much. Unfortunately one of the vases has been broken and I am now in the process of finding a replacement vase for her.

RA: Is it difficult to find a replacement?

LM: Yes, difficult, but not impossible.

RA: That's good. But a vase is so fragile...to get it back to RI safely, will you have to travel?

LM: Yes, most likely to Europe. The Countess' son, Neil, is quite dynamic and and he is motivated to find a replacement for her as well. I am quite confident that we will be able to find the replacement vase for his mother and get it to her safely--although Neil and I have different work styles and very different temperaments.

RA: Interesting. What are some of your differences?

LM: Being a sailor, he is a bit carefree, not tied down. I am all business. Everything planned and organized.

RA: They say opposites attract…

LM: Oh no, I am alone in the world and my business is the only thing I have to rely on. There’s no way I could ever mix business and pleasure. It’s too much of a risk.

RA: If you say so. I can’t wait to see what happens. Thank you, Lisa.

LM: Thank you for having me.

After Lisa left I couldn’t stop wondering: everything in life can not always be planned out. Is she prepared for the unexpected in her life?

Destiny’s Designs is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.

Discover more of Regina’s exciting, family-friendly romance books on her website.

About Regina: A resident of Providence, Rhode Island, Regina is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Some of her hobbies include museums, theater, classical music, choral singing, and everything French. She is the author of The Sterling Lakes Series, Spotlight on Love, The Perfect Proposal, and In Good Faith, Book One of the Dunbar Falls Series. She is currently working on Book Two of The Dunbar Falls Series, Act of Faith. She is also in the process of finishing her two upcoming releases, Through Tomorrow's Door, and Book Two of the Designs of Life series, The Designs of Providence. For more about Regina’s writings, visit her website: http://www.reginaandrews.com.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Faith in God During Covid – 19 Pandemic

I walked into the Time Machine at the Family Search Center so I could learn all about the things that were invented during my grandparents’ day. It was interesting to find out what they had seen during their lifetime, such as the invention of the light bulb, telephone, automobile and airplane. The Time Machine said that my grandfather was 40 years old in 1918, during the time of the Spanish flu pandemic that swept the world. Church meetings were cancelled and schools were closed down to stop the spreading of the virus. I was shocked to learn there were 50,000,000 deaths throughout the world because of the virus. I remember thinking how difficult that must have been for everyone.

Lo and behold, I am now experiencing what my grandparents had gone through… something I had not expected in my day. At first, when we were told to stay home, I thought: "I can do this. That's simple. If we have to go grocery shopping, we can stay six feet away from people and wear face-masks and wash our hands afterward. This will be over soon if we all obey the rules." Little did I know that would be just a small part of this pandemic.

This is a face-mask that my daughter made for her father. She is making a different design for me. Well, I soon found out that it was affecting people's jobs. Three of my son's in law and my daughter were relieved of their jobs because of the virus. Now what? How were they going to support their families? Would unemployment be enough? With these labor shortages and people being relieved of their jobs, how would this affect our food supply? That was when I finally realized all of this was not as simple as I thought. 

As I learn about the deaths throughout the world, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, and I pray the Lord will comfort those who are grieving. I soon realized I needed to have faith in a caring and loving Father in Heaven who is watching over us. We need His help. The scriptures say: "Be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you."

President Russell M. Nelson, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has asked the members of the church for a world wide fast on Good Friday, April 10th, asking for the Lord's help. 

My dear friends, those who are of all faiths, please join us in this time of prayer and fasting. I know the Lord will hear our prayers and guide us. We just need to have faith and hope. These are the things we should pray for:

1. Plead for relief from this global pandemic
2. Pray that the caregivers will be protected
3. Plead for healing throughout the world
4. Pray that our economy will be strengthened

The scriptures say: " For I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions. " Alma 36:3

Never give up hope. It is important to have faith that the Lord will help us. Please know I care and pray that you are well.